3 thoughts on “Why are dogs afraid of people? How can he not be afraid of strangers?”

  1. Hello the original poster
    The dog encounters these situations
    do you not scold him
    maybe the dog is too small
    , otherwise you will not get care from childhood
    , you will be afraid of Dong Fei Xi’s
    often hug her
    This touch it
    let guests feed him sometimes
    There is
    This dogs to take a walk outside
    Go out to play
    It to see more people
    naturally won’t be afraid of
    is to communicate and communicate
    Is to help you
    . N.

  2. Is your dog rarely out since childhood

    This is a obvious lack of social problems

    Let it be more social
    more see other people
    to make it not afraid of people

    but if you are going to see the dogs who are preparing to see the home

    The lack of socialization is possible

    The dogs
    The alert high -alarm
    n Some lack of social dogs
    n even the kind of car that the car will be afraid of

    If you want it not to be afraid of people

  3. Cool Pet Network:
    The birth of dogs who are afraid of dogs appear in the field of vision. The distance is preferably not caused by the fear of dogs. If the dog is relaxed quietly, give rewards, conduct several times a day, and after a few days, shorten the distance between strangers and dogs. If the dog is quiet and free, give rewards. In the end, when the person is very close to the dog and the dog is still normal, the person can give the dog to the dog
    food and caress. (It should be noted that people who cannot force the dog to approach the fear of it. During the non -training time, it is best to let it accompany other dogs to avoid contact with strangers.)

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