2 thoughts on “Has anyone tried to consign the dog at Changsha Railway Station?”

  1. Pets can bring the train, but they must go through relevant procedures for consignment.
    This checking process:
    Me first request a quarantine certificate for pets. You can handle the agency that provides animal quarantine services.
    It if the train consignment is not followed, then the corresponding quarantine certificate can be provided directly.
    If you walk with people, you need to take a train with a cargo box, but pets and people are separated. Put your pets in a cage and prepare water and food.

  2. For pet check -in procedures, please keep in mind the following points: 1. Pet train consignment must be accompanied by someone to handle, not like ordinary goods. 2. To check in pet trains, you must determine the car in advance, because not all trains can handle the consignment business. Especially the EMU and the Direct Express are not carried, and the pet consignment business cannot be handled. Therefore, you should consult in advance when buying a ticket. Whether you can handle your pet, otherwise it will cause great trouble for your travel! 3. When applying for a pet train, the accompanying person must bring your own identity certificate, because when applying for a pet rail consignment, you will apply for the escort certificate. When applying for the escort certificate Bring unnecessary trouble! 4. After the train arrives, the accompanying personnel can go through the delivery procedures with the withdrawal voucher and ID card half an hour. Railway station's restrictions on pets for pets: Out of safety responsibility for consignment pets, and also responsible for the owner. Now the railway station, whether it is Western Station or Beijing Station, strictly restrict the weight of pets within 20 kilograms. Because of large pets, its destructive power will be large, especially the fierce dogs, such as Tibetan mastiffs, wolf dogs, chopsticks, etc., which can easily break the iron cage and escape, and even hurt the personnel. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary harm, the train introduced this new regulations. I hope everyone should pay attention to the size of their favorite pets when checking in the train, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble after the train! In addition, aviation consignment has no restrictions on the weight of pets. As long as the cage used is strong, it can be made in accordance with IATA regulations. Transportation container requirements during pet rail consignment: Although aviation consignment has a large share in pet consignment with its advantages such as fast and safety, due to the limitation of air consignment of transportation destinations, many places cannot perform aviation consignment, railway transportation It happened to make up for this shortcoming. But after all, railway consignment is different from aviation consignment. The environmental conditions of the train cargo compartment are much worse than the aircraft cabin. The aircraft has a dedicated oxygen supply system and temperature adjustment equipment, and the train cargo compartment is closed, but this does not mean that the compartment has no oxygen, but the supply of oxygen is the result of natural ventilation, and there is no temperature adjustment equipment. Of course, it is very stuffy in the cargo compartment, which is different from that the transport container of the train consignment pets is different from that of aviation consignment. On the one hand, the size of the pet transportation cage can enable the dog/cat to stand upright when standing only (and will not touch the top of the cage), can turn around and lying comfortably, especially the nose -collapsed dog requires greater greater greater need to be greater. A pet transport cage to avoid breathing problems. On the other hand, it also requires good enough ventilation. Furthermore, because the train cargo compartment is mixed, living and general goods are required to not pollute other items, so the container must be carried with feces. In summary, it is better to use iron cage as a transport container when consigning pets in the railway, which is also convenient for the owner to observe the situation of pets at any time and add drinking water and food. Moreover, the railway consignment department recognizes the wire cage as a transport container, but it must be selected for the appropriate iron cage. It must be strong, so that the pets cannot run out of the inside and cause accidents. As for the price, the plane is about 8 yuan per kilogram. The train is about two or three dollars a kilogram ~

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