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  1. The puppy has been called a constant solution as follows:
    1. Reduce the source of stimuli
    State when the dog sees or hear what attracts them to pay attention, it will issue territorial and alert barking. The fastest way to stop the dog stopped in the window or yard is to reduce contact stimulus and prevent the dog from seeing potential barking triggers. For example, a dog is barking a mouse at home, then you can do a good job of hygiene, reduce the source of excitement, and let the dog no longer bark.
    2, rewarding praise
    The at the beginning we can first educate dogs by rewarding. You can prepare a ringing bell first. When the dog barks, the bell is raised. After the dog shuts up, he gives snacks and praises the dog. After a long time, the dog will naturally calm down when he hear the ringtone. However, do not have three days of fishing for two days, and the training will continue to be effective.
    3, severe drinking
    When the dog barks constantly, the owner drinks it with a harsh voice, so that it does not like it. But pay attention, even if you regenerate, try not to use corporal punishment measures.
    4, take it to exercise
    The dog love is too vigorous. Let the dog exercise can consume its physical strength and make it satisfied with spirit. Previously, there was a news that a pet owned one two, because it was uncomfortable, so I took it out every day to run, run 10 kilometers, and even the strength of the stairs when I came back. what. The consumption of physical strength can also be avoided.
    5, diverted attention
    many dogs are screaming because of boring. You can use its favorite toys or snacks to tease it when it is boring. Run immediately to seize its toy, and you can be quiet for a while. However, the feeding should be appropriate, and it should not be given all the time.

  2. The reason and solution of the puppy kept calling for constant:
    1, the puppies who just hugged home
    The reason why puppies call are mainly because they have just left the original group, to an unfamiliar environment Fear or feel lonely. Put a toy for the dog in the cage for puppies to bite, and when the dog bites, he sleeps naturally. If necessary, you can put a TV to watch it. The appropriate sound can make it feel at ease
    2, the dog is abnormally called
    . If the dog is a very rapid call, and try to kick your door If you want to wake you up, then you must get up. It may be that the dogs in your house have discovered the abnormal situation. Go up and see the situation. If you are okay, soothe the dog and let it sleep quietly.
    If the dog is intentional, it means that your dog's energy is too strong. So, as the master, you should give it a little lesson or punishment, and add a little dog's activity in your daily life, let it play toys, run it outside, help it consume a little energy, so that it can at night that it can be at night. Sleep quietly.
    If the dog's call is hungry, then this is the responsibility of the owner. When raising dogs, you should make the dog full.
    The puppy pay attention:
    m puppies usually feed 3 to 4 times a day. If it is a puppy within one and a half months, it is recommended that you feed puppies for milk powder (high price) or baby Skin milk powder, baby rice noodles, oatmeal, corn porridge, these things are easy to digest and nutritional components are more suitable for puppy.
    er puppies for more than a month, you can almost feed puppies. But to feed softly, in order to strengthen nutrition, you can feed some pet special nutrition products appropriately.
    The digestive system of puppies is not fully developed. It is best not to feed other foods except 3 meals of dog food per day. What fake bones, bite glue, do not feed snacks. This is not reluctant, but for dogs.

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