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  1. Buy one again, and it is necessary to increase it.

    The function of cat cage

    : It is convenient for home to do hygiene at home

    The people who have raised cats know that cats like to stay at home Like the bed under the bed, the cabinet, the dead ends of the house, etc. are all places where cat loves. If a cat moves freely at home, it is very difficult to clean these places. Like some disinfection water, it is toxic to cats, which will damage the cat’s body. If there is a cat cage at home, the cat can be temporarily placed in the cage, which is extremely convenient for the owner to do hygiene.

    : Help changes the bad behavior of the cat

    When the cat just arrived in a new home, he would be nervous because he was unfamiliar with the environment. The owner can put the cat into the cat cage, so that the cat’s bad behavior can be corrected and it can develop a good behavior habit.

    three: Prevent cross -infection

    Cats are like people, and they will also get sick. When a cat is sick, put it in a cat cage, which can avoid the owner infected the same disease infection with the same disease. Cats are more common infectious diseases include cat moss and parasitic diseases. The first disease can be transmitted to the dogs and dogs at home. Put the cat in a cat cage and give it insect medicine. After a while, it will return to health.

    four: Avoid unnecessary
    This is for many cat families. After the new cats come home, the old cat will have a rejection. Sometimes its response is still It will be very large, such as bullying the new cat and not let it dominate its own territory. At this time, the cat cage works. When your cat puts it in the cat cage, you can avoid war at home.

    It is the most suitable cat cage

    The minimum size of the cat cage should be 30 cubic inch, commonly matched with length, width and height: 5*3*2 or 3*2*5 (unit unit (unit unit /foot). As the age increases, the minimum size should be expanded to 40-60 cubic feet.

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