2 thoughts on “Is there any way to grow the dog's hair quickly? urgent”

  1. First, dogs must not eat too salty. You can eat dog food, or buy a bag of big chicken breasts. After cutting every day, you can eat with rice. Second, you must first determine whether the dog has skin diseases. The skin is not good or bad. Only whether there are skin diseases, most of which are divided into bacteria or fungi. You can go to the veterinarian to take the skin needle. The price will not be too expensive. If you don’t want to get an injection Imported, about 50 yuan, you can choose 886 and 887 for cheap. Democratic ~ If I think my answer is good, please give me a score ~ ​​haha, I have raised a lot of years ~

  2. First look at whether it is a skin disease, such as dandruff, red, and the meat will be burst out of the hair. Essence Wait for a bath 887 once every three days.

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