2 thoughts on “Is there any way to help the dog lose weight?”

  1. 1. Only let pets eat 80 % full. If possible, the number of meals can be increased, but the amount must be controlled. Stop all snacks during weight loss, it looks a bit cruel, but for the health of pets, it should be forbearance!
    2. It is recommended that the owner eats specially designed weight loss food for pets. The weight loss food has low calories and high fiber content. It can achieve the effect of diet without reducing the amount of pet food. In this way, pets will not feel hungry. However, the taste of weight loss food is a little worse. Therefore, the amount of weight loss food should be gradually increased in the early stage, so that pets have a adaptation process.
    3. Play with the baby. If you have a dog, take it for jogging, it will reduce you!
    4. "Food is the sky" tactics. Exercise is something that fat babies do not like, more rewards, a little food may allow the greedy babies to run around. Pay attention, do not run two steps to give a lot of food, then it is not a weight loss exercise. , That is to increase fat!
    Is before the implementation of weight loss, we must first understand whether your pets need to lose weight? The following standards can help you judge whether your pet has been obese:
    Ideal weight:

    Seeing the waist; from the side, you can see the abdominal lines.
    The weight:
    The ribs surrounded by fat; the lines of the waist are not obvious; the abdomen is round.
    The ribs are surrounded by thick fat, which is difficult to touch; the fat on the waist is stacked, and the waist is not able to see or completely cannot see the waist; the abdomen has no lines and obvious expansion.
    The baby should pay attention to being too heavy. If you reach the point of obesity, weight loss is necessary, because fat babies will get a lot of diseases.

  2. Breeding the great invention of dogs! In this era, dogs' obesity has also become a major problem for the owner!
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