Seeking an English composition for training and taking care of dogs

Try not to have grammar errors. Essence Essence Other pets can also be, not necessarily dogs, but must be pets

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  1. THE DOGrnrnThe dog is one of the most popular pets in the world. It remains loyal to a master, and because of this the dog has been called mans best friend. Class between people have no part in a dogs life. It can be a faithful companion to either rich or poor.rnrnDogs have been for most of human history and have thus endeared to many over the years. Stories have been told about brave dogs that served admirably in war or that risked their lives to save persons in danger. When Pompeii--the Roman community destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in AD 79--was finally excavated, searchers found evidence of a dog lying across a child, trying to protect the youngster. Perhaps few of the millions of dogs in the world may be so heroic, but they are still a source of genuine delight to their owners.rnrnA dog fits easily into family life. It thrives on praise and affection. When a master tells a dog that it is good, the animal happily wags ites tail. But when a master scolds a dog, it skul, it skul ks away with a sheepish look and with its tail tucked between its legs.rnrnPeople in the city as well as those in other areas can enjoy a dog. Medium-size or small dogs are best suited for the confines of the city. Large dogs need exercise over a large area.rnrnDogs are not always well thought of, however. In recent years dogs in the city have been in the center of . Some people have dog owners for allowing their pets to soil sidewalks and lawns, although in some cities laws oblige owners to walk their dogs along street curbs. In turn, dog owners have argued that the animals serve as against vandals and burglars and thus protect their as well as their owners.

    when a person decides to own a dog, he should be prepared to care for it properly. for a? DOG to be well-mannered it must be properly trained. It should never be as -treated or. Otherwise, it will bite in its ofn defense.rnrnThe wild ancestors of all dogs were hunters. Wolves and other wild relatives of the dog still hunt in packs for their food. Dogs have retained the urge to be with the pack. This is why they do not like to be left alone for long. Some breeds of dogs still retain the hunting instinct.rnrnDogs exist in a wide range of sizes, colors, and . Some, such as the Doberman pinscher and the German shepherd , serve as alert and watchdogs. Others, such as the beagle and the cocker spaniel, are playful family pets, even though they were bred for hunting. Still others, such as the collie and the Welsh corgi, can herd farm or range animals. Each of the Dogs Just Mentioned is a PureBred. A MongRel Dog, However-One with Many Breeds in ITS-CAN Just as Easily Fit Into Family. The year they have been carformed various service. They has pulled SLEDS Over Snowy Tracts. They have deliverEd messages, Herded Sheep and Cattle, and ever rescued persons trapped in the snow. Dogs have served as a source of food, too. The ancient Romans are said to have prized certain kinds of dog stew. The Aztecs of ancient Mexico raised tiny dogs, thought to be the forebears of the chihuahua, to feed the large in the private zoos of the Aztec rulers. In the past dogs have even been worshiped as gods. Recently, they have been used in drug research, medical , and space science. Soviet launched dogs into space to test the ability of mammals to survive the rigors of space travel before people were sent up.rnrnDogs are trained as guard dogs in peacetime by the United States Army and other military services. Because of their keen sense of smell, dogs are used by police at times to track down escaped prisoners. Law agencies also rely on the dogs acute sense of smell to uncover illegal drugs. And specially trained dogs serve as the "eyes" of the blind, guiding the steps of their sightless masters around obstacles and hazards
    Chinese meaning:

    er dogs are one of the most popular pets. It is usually loyal to the thoughtful owner, because this dog is called the best friend of human beings. The distinction of the class, no one participated in the dog's life. It can be a loyal partner or a rich country or a poor country.

    The people in human history of dogs, so many years on the 22nd. The story tells the brave dog, the admiration of the delivery, or the danger of the life -threatening preserved in the war. When the Pompeii -Roman Society Mountain Vitama Volcano destroyed in 79 AD -finally excavated, searching and finding that the dog lied in the child, obviously trying to protect the child. Perhaps millions of pet dogs may be such a hero in the world for several years, but they are still a real source, and their owners are happy.

    The dog can relax family life. Lyteman's praise and love. When the dog owner told that this is a good thing, the animal is happy Wags its tail. However, when a master of the master's reprimand, Skulks left the shy appearance and the legs that rolled up with its tail.

    The people can enjoy baseball in the city, and those in other fields. Middle or small dogs are most suitable for limited cities. Large dogs only need to exercise in large areas.

    The dogs are not always thoughtful, but. In recent years, the dog market has been in the center. Some people criticize the dog owner to let their pet soil sidewalks and lawn, although the laws in some cities require owners to restrict their dogs only along the step street. Conversely, the dog owner believes that these animals are prevented from destroyers and thieves, thereby protecting their criticism and their owners.

    Is when a person decides to put his dog, he should prepare to take care of it appropriately. To maintain healthy dogs, it must be fed and fully cultivated, and its medical needs must be met. There must be proper training for dogs with good behaviors. It must never abuse or handle improperly. Otherwise, you will bite in your own defense.

    All dog hunters of wild ancestors. The Timberwolves and other wild kinship are still hunting for food. The dog keeps urging the bag. That's why they don't like to be left alone for too long. Some varieties of dogs still retain hunting instincts.

    The dogs have a wide range of size, color and temperament. Some people, such as Doberman and German Shepherd, are alert and aggressive supervision. Others, such as small hunting dogs and coca, are fun family pets, even if they are hunted. There are also some, such as sheep dogs and Wales Cotton dogs that can grab farms or various animals. Every dog ​​just mentioned a purebred. Acedrop dogs, but-one of many varieties in its background-can easily integrate into family life.

    The dog has been with human beings since the prehistoric era. Over the years, they have performed various services. Their sled snow road. The information they provided, the sheep and cattle, and even the rescuers were trapped in the snow. Dogs as food sources, also. The ancient Romans are said to have some kind of precious dog stews. The micro -dog proposed by the ancient Mexico in Azuta is considered to be the rulers of the Aztec in the private zoo in the private zoo in large carnivorous animal feed. Dogs in the past were even worshiped as God. Recently, they have been used for drug research, medical experiments, and space science. Soviet scientists initiated a dog to send a dog into space, and the harsh space travel of mammals in the test ability survived.

    The dogs are trained as police dogs and other military services in the usual U.S. military and other military. Due to its keen smell, the dog came to the police and sometimes hunted with fugitives. Law enforcement agencies also rely on dogs' sensitivity to find illegal drugs. And the dogs who have been trained as a "eye" are blind, and the guidance steps, they can't see the owner bypass the obstacles and dangers.

  2. Dogsrn Nowadays many people like to have dogs as their pets. Dogs are friends of man not only because they are lovely but also because they are faithful to their masters.rn Dogs can do a lot of work for man They play with us. They hunt with us. They keep door for us. But long ago, dogs all over the world.
    ? is believed that their ancestor was much like a wolf. Other animals, such as the fox, came from this ancestor, too. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, man began to tame wild dogs. After the dogs were tamed, they were trained. The strong dogs became working animals. They were trained to pull heavy loads. They learned to keep an eye on the sheep and other animals. Working dogs had other jo , too.rn Some dogs were not strong. But they could help Man Hunt For Game. Other Dogs Weee Best as Pets.
    TODAY, There are more than 100 Kinds of Dogs in the World.
    The dogs n Now many people are treated as their pets as their pets Essence Dogs are human friends, not only because they are cute, but also because they are loyal to the owners.
    Dogs can do a lot of work for humans. They can play with us, they can hunt with us, they can give us a housekeeper. But the dogs in the world used to be wild.
    The dogs can be traced back to the Stone Age. All dogs are the same ancestors, and people believe that the ancestors of the dog are like wolves. Other animals, such as foxes, also come from this ancestor. Humans began to tame wild dogs thousands of years ago. After the dogs were tamed, people trained them. Strong dogs have become the helpers of human work, and people train their heavy goods. They have learned to help people look at sheep and other animals.
    It some dogs are not strong enough, but they can help people find prey. Some dogs have become people's pets.
    The types of dogs in the world have reached more than 100 types.

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