5 thoughts on “Adopting the dog agreement is so well written?”

  1. I think, are you too much? Others do not say, I ca n’t get the adopters to compensate you, and you can not refuse to receive it at will within three months. Should others pay attention to breeding?
    The terms of terms of any terms really need to recognize both parties, nothing more than protecting the interests of both parties, fairness and justice. You ask yourself which of these clauses protect Party B's interests?
    It 3 can be removed, because whether this standard is unclear or not to abuse or the like;
    The Article 4 to "If the situation of Article 2 and 3 occurs, Party A Party A. If you have the right to return to Nini for free, Party B shall not refuse ";
    Article 5 is revised to" Party A must visit Nini, and it must not refuse to visit if Party B is convenient ";
    Actually, I do n’t want to change this clause, I do n’t want to change it, it is purely arrogant. Since you want to give away, you don't raise it, how much care is. If you really care about love, then raise it yourself.

  2. Article 4: If Party B will terminate the adoption if there is any circumstances, it is necessary to return Nini to
    Article 7: 7 If Party B does not reach the above conditions, Party A will have the right to claim to pay RMB 10,000 yuan for the whole r r r
    is better to write like this

  3. If I am an adopted party, I will not sign such an agreement with you. Although I ca n’t fulfill it at all, it will be unbearable to see this one at any time. Legally, dogs are things, and things are sold or gifts, and ownership is transferred. If it is sold, the other party is finished. If it is a gift, the other party will be done. As for a series of conditions you put forward, people who accept a bunch of vague obligations are better to buy dogs by themselves.

  4. I feel too harsh for adoption. I might as well raise it by myself. I have to pay back within three months. That is not an adoption. It is just a dog with a dog. The feelings are familiar. The deposit is not as good as buying a dog by yourself. It is not just a person who is not suitable for soil and soil.

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