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  1. The first needle: 2 couplets, preventing the

    of the canine plague and small virus for small viruses: 5 couplets, prevention of canine plague, small viruses, infectious hepatitis, canine dysnivirus, vice dog deputy Influenza (at least one week after the first needle, take the second needle at least a week)

    The third needle: 6 units 1 needle rabies 1 needle, or directly 7 united. The 7 -combined is 6 union rabies (the second interval of the second needle is 20-30 days)

    The best medicine to beat the bug is Bayeng, the dosage depends on the variety of your dog and the weight
    m puppies and small dogs
    In 1/4 capsule
    1/2 capsules of 2 ~ 5 kg of weight

    Medium-sized dog:
    10-20 kilograms of 2 capsules
    n0-30 kg Used 3 capsules
    Large dogs:
    n0-40 kg of 4 capsules
    You can feed directly and do not need to fast. If you eat a lot, you must consolidate it once in 2 weeks; if you play some, it will take 3 months to consolidate. If there is no bug, it can be once a year.

  2. rabies vaccine.
    The dogs need to be vaccinated with three -needle infectious diseases and one -needle rabies vaccine for the first year. It needs to be strengthened every eleven intervals every 11 months. Usually, only one needle infectious disease vaccine and one rabies vaccine are needed.
    It dogs only need to take a stitched rabies vaccine and one needle to prevent infectious disease vaccines every year. In their childhood, they need to inject three -shot infectious disease vaccine. If parents think that the vaccine injection is too frequent, they can also pass through How long do you think the antibody level is injected with the vaccine?

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  4. The puppies need to take:

    1, the first needle, 2 couplets, preventing canine plague and small viruses;

    , 2, 5 union, 5 couplets , Prevention of canine plague and small viruses, infectious hepatitis, canine dysnitic virus, and auxiliary flu. Needle, 7 couplets are 6 united rabies, with the second interval of the second needle 20 to 30 days.

  5. Under normal circumstances, dogs are injected with vaccines every year. The injection vaccine includes two types:
    The is a dog's infectious disease vaccine, and the other is a rabies vaccine.
    This infectious diseases of dogs are mainly to prevent dogs, small, infectious hepatitis, adenovirus, hook -end spiral sides, coronary virus, etc. Regular vaccination can be exempted from the violation of the dog's infectious disease.
    ococked rabies vaccine is also necessary to ensure the safety of the owner and the dog.

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