4 thoughts on “What items should be checked every year for old pets?”

  1. Aging pets must do blood testing, urine detection, and chest X -ray detection every year.
    Suries when many pets are old, there will be various diseases, and when they see pets are uncomfortable because of their illness, pet owners will feel very anxious. If you want to make the body of the old pets healthier, then the pet owner must bring his pets every year to make some physical examination items.
    . Pets of aging must do blood testing. If you want to understand the physical health of your pet in time, then the pet owner must take the pet for blood testing every year, because through the blood test, the pet owner can understand which hidden danger of the pet body in time. After getting the results of the blood test, we can treat the dog’s health problems.
    . Pets of aging must do urine testing. Although urine is an excrement, the detection of urine can directly reflect the health of aging pets, because urine testing can understand whether pets have kidney disease or prostate disease. Moreover, the process of urine detection is also very simple. It does not require pets to bear too much pain, so it is necessary to perform urine testing once a year.
    . Pets of aging must be tested in the chest X -ray. In fact, when pets are old, there will be certain problems in various organs of the body. If we want to understand the health of pets in time, we must let pets perform chest X -ray detection. After the chest X -ray detection, the organ health of the pet body will be fully displayed. When the pet’s organs have a health problem, we can treat pet health in time.
    This pets must attach great importance to it, because old pets are really prone to health problems. Only when the health of aging pets is enough, they can accompany us for a longer time.

  2. Urine examination, chest X -ray examination, blood test, blood routine examination, platelet examination, thyroid examination, these projects need to be reviewed, so as to understand the situation of pets.

  3. Pet cells should be checked, blood components, thyroid, urine, chest, these projects are very important. These projects can also check whether old pets have diseases.

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