4 thoughts on “What are the real reasons for stray dogs? How can we prevent the birth of stray dogs?”

  1. Some stray dogs are often seen on the side of the road, and the real reason for them is discarded by the owner. Especially some local dogs, because they do not do a good job in breeding, they are likely to be thrown away after birth, and their living conditions are very bad. These dogs have no way to choose their own origin, but everyone must love them.
    The varieties of dogs are now more and more, and most people like to raise dogs. The current role is basically a single, which can help everyone to see it, and it can also relieve the pressure and fatigue of work. After the dog’s identity changes, it becomes a pet dog that everyone often hears. However, some owners are very irresponsible. When they are fresh, they want to buy a dog back, but once they find that the dog is not as simple as everyone thinks, they will abandon the dog at will at will. Essence In this way, dogs will become the main force of stray dogs that can often be seen on the street.
    After many people are pregnant, they feel that the dogs are particularly dirty. It is also afraid that it will affect the normal growth and development of the child, so you will throw away the dogs raised at home. After the child grows up, he will not raise a dog again, because he is afraid that the child will come into contact with the bacteria on the dog, and many dogs like to contact the child very much. I am also afraid that dogs will hurt their children. In such a family, there is no way to raise a dog. Because there are many dogs who know where the way home is, basically there will not be dogs they lose.
    Because most of the stray dogs are caused by artificially, if you want to prevent the birth of this dog. Everyone must evaluate their own acceptance ability reasonably. If you are a three -minute hot person, it is best not to buy the dog home. Since there is no ability to raise, don’t let this idea appear in your mind. In the future, you have to be a person with a more responsible person. If you really take a dog home, you need to take care of their growth.

  2. The real reason may be that in the process of breeding, it is considered a very troublesome thing to raise dogs, which leads to many abandonment. When raising dogs, they must handle the dog card -related units in time, do a good job of supervision, and conduct comprehensive and centralized treatment of stray dogs. Do not excessively smooth.

  3. Many stray dogs have been abandoned for various reasons, and they are lost. It is inevitable that the number of stray dogs will be more and more after a long time in the wild. Before, we must think about whether it can be raised for a long time and try to avoid the possibility of abandonment.

  4. The main thing is that there are too many people who have abandoned dogs, and the natural breeding factors have caused more and more stray dogs. This management policy should be formulated to reduce the self -reproduction of stray dogs, and to prevent others from abandoning dogs. This can prevent stray dogs.

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