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    The number of dog feed brands on the market, and the selected raw materials are also dazzling. In fact, so many feed can be divided into four categories. What are the benefits of different feeds for dogs? Xiaobian takes you to understand.
    . Plant feed: rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and crude fiber, but its protein content is low. Dogs have a poor absorption of plant feed nutritional components, but there are almost no animal feeds in some components, such as vitamins. Plant feed has important physiological significance, which can stimulate bowel movements and prevent diarrhea and constipation. Frequent plant feeds include rice, flour, corn, soybeans, cabbage, carrots, etc.
    . Animal feed: high protein content and good quality, rich mineral content. Dogs have a high absorption and utilization rate of animal feed nutritional components, but Wangya Pets believes that it is necessary to feed fresh, non -corruption animal feed. In order to prevent the infection of parasites, it is best to cook fish and meat before feeding dogs. Animal feeds that are often fed are meat, fish, eggs, and livestock and poultry by -products.
    . Mineral material feed: It is an indispensable material for the normal growth and development of dogs. Used to provide inorganic objects. It mainly includes shell powder, bone meal and other mineral powder. The female dogs during lactation and the rapidly growing young dogs are prone to calcium deficiency, and should pay attention to supplement when breeding.
    . Feed additives: Refers to the various components that are added to the feed in order to supplement nutrition, promote growth, increase health, and prevent the decline in the quality of feed. It mainly includes vitamin additives, trace element additives, amino acid additives, etc. In addition, antibiotics, deworming agents, digestives, and flavoring agents.

  2. There are two classification methods for feed: one is classified according to the source of feed, which can be divided into plant -based feed, animal feed and mineral feed; the other is based on the nutritional characteristics of dry substances in the feed, and the feed is divided into eight major major Class, namely coarse feed, green green feed, silage, energy feed, protein feed, mineral feed, vitamin feed and feed additives.

  3. Dogs can be roughly divided into two types: animal feed and plant -based drinks. The two should be mixed feeding. Animal feed is palatable, easy to digest, and has a high content of protein and vitamins. Botanical feed is rich in sugar and vitamins, but there are more fiber. Do not eat and feed. Common dog feeds include fish, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, valley and canned food.

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