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  1. 1. Silent dog fighting dogs, Japanese Tosa, Origin: Dog Fighting, Usage: Partner Dog, Life: 9-11 years, weight range: 80.5-90.5 kg, body height range: 62-65 cm, first breeding in Gaoshi Prefecture, Japan, is it, so Through the local four -nation dog fighting dogs and introduced mastiffs, Danish big hounds, bullfighting dogs, and bullfighting stalks. This variety was once known as the Japanese mastiff.

    2. Weird killer bull head stalks, belonging to British descent, named the dog breed named Bull and Terrier in the 19th century. (Black and Tan Terrier) comes from. It is believed that modern bull head stalks are believed to be the extinct British white stalks, Dalmatian, and Spanish Pointer, Greyhound, WHIPPET, and WHIPPET, and Foxhound (foxhound) came from. There are signs that in order to make the head of the bull head stalk appear longer, the bloodlines of the Russian wolf dogs and Collie were also introduced during the cultivation process. About 1850, British dog businessman James Hinks began to cultivate bull head stalks. (It is said that the Hinks family is still engaged in the bull head stalk industry.) Affected by people's love of white pets at the time, Hinks fully cultivated white bull head stalks. At the Birmingham Dog Exhibition in May 1862, Hinks exhibited the white bull head stalk close to the modern form immediately, which was immediately affected as the most fashionable dog. The white cattle head stalk immediately became the most popular pet dog. In the following period of time, only white varieties are called bull head stalks, and only white varieties can participate in dog exhibitions, so this variety is called a white knight to show its noble.

    . The Ghanaiger of Spain, origin: Ghanari Islands, Origin period: 19th century, initial use: dog fighting dogs, use dogs, life expectancy: 9-11 years, weight range: 38: 38: 38 -48 kg, height range: 55-65 cm Ghanari is a dog breed developed from dog fighting. Its ancestors may include the local endangered Budinojama, and the descendants of the British mastiff. By the 1960s, this variety was endangered, but it was later rescued by Dr. Carl Semencic by American Veterinary University.

    4. A close relatives of Central Asian Shepherd, Caucasian Shepherd. In the past two centuries of long hair and short hairs, from the east of the Ural Mountains in Russia to Siberia, and all the Republic of Central Asia, such as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan, this kind of independence and arrogance The shepherd dogs have protected nomadic peoples and their herd.

    5. The origin of Dogo Argentina: Argentina, origin: 1920s, initial use: hunting competition and dog fighting dogs, use dogs, life span: 10-11 years Alias: Argentine mastiff, weight range: 36-45 kg, physical height range: 61-69 Du Gao is one of the few dogs cultivated in South America. Dr. Naz, a hunt of the panther and the American lion, has been breed for the breed. At first the cultivation of this fierce and impressive variety was for a group of hunting. Dr. Martinnz uses a Spanish dog, Spanish mastiff, Great Dan dog, an ancient Bull Sanlon, a bull dog and a boxer dog. Du Gao has very strong endurance, and its white is reflected by the hair instead of absorbing calories.

    6. Dogue de Bordeaux origin: France, origin: ancient, initial use: guard dogs, hunting dogs, use: partner dog, guard dog, life: 9-11 years Range weight: 36-45 kg, body height range: 58-69 cm hundred years, the Bordeaux region of France has been ruled by Britain. Fierce mastiff.

    7, Brazil Africa, weight range: 41-50 kg, body height range: 61-76 cm fila history is closely linked to Brazil's history. Various stages of Brazil have played a very important role. And it is not only related to history, but also related to the life and fate of Brazil's colonists.

    8. Italy twisted Boliton, Naples mastiff, Napoleon mastiff, weight range: 50-68 kg, body height range: 65-75 Punia, but has not been exhibited before 1947. Newborton may originate from Roman Dogs, Army Dogs, and Dogs in the circus, and was introduced by Alexander from Asia through Greece. This may be the most frightening fierce dog in the world: the dark black body, strong and powerful, seemingly useless power, low -hanging eyes, indifferent and gloomy, making people feel chilling, it is the strongest in the world, it is the strongest in the world. One of the horizontal dogs, it used to be the favorite of the black hand party, used to show terror and rights, it is one of the most dangerous dog species in the world, because it is an endless attack, it is endless, and it likes to swallow. It kills prey, including people! It is known as the most cruel killer in the dog world. Due to the above reasons, it can be trained. (But it is not easy to train) will be one of the best guard dogs in the world after successful training. Any enemy will feel the fear of the trembling soul. Disadvantages: the king of saliva, and a great look. Roman writer Liumira's description of the perfect household is suitable for this weight. A passionate breeder, Piponia, Sikananani, is known to Newpolyton. Newborton needs early socialization and obedience training, and male dogs have advantages in this regard. It does not require frequent training, thinking that the dirty food habits and large body types, Newpolon is not suitable for raising at home. It is best to raise the breed by experienced dog breeders. Newpolyton's thick upper lip is very strong. Because of the fashionable ears, the ears are removed. The very developed muscles cover the chest. The shoulders are slightly bulging from the line, the thigh muscles are long and wide, and the dense and short and smooth hair covers the whole body.

    9. Russia's Gaopolytic, height: 65-86cm, life expectancy: 12-14 years, initial use: home livestock care dog
    n dog type: shepherd dog, giant dog, Gaococeaus Caucasian Sheepdog is a powerful sports dog. He has a strong ability to protect the master. He was in the original East Germany in the 1960s. As a border patrol dog, he patrolled along the Berlin Wall. The Gaota Shepherd is strong and rough, and has a strong adaptability. Quiet and active is more hostile to strangers. It is necessary to receive sustainable and appropriate training from an early age. The Caucasian Shepherd is one of the breeds of the dog. Its species category is a gray wolf breed category. The artificial cultivation varieties of domesticated animals do not belong to the scope of biology classification.

    10. The fierce dog overlords Chinese Tibetan mastiffs. Tibetan mastiffs are produced in Tibet and Qinghai, my country. Fortunately, fierceness, wildness, and daunting. Protecting the land, protecting food, and attacking are strongly hostile to strangers, but it is extremely affectionate to the owner. It is a powerful assistant to watch the home nursing home and the pastoral horses. In Tibet, it is known as Tengu. The Tibetan mastiff is the only dog ​​in the world who dares to fight with the beasts, so it is given the reputation of the Oriental God dog. The Tibetan mastiff's head is large and square, with wide forehead, black eyes, short and thick mouth, slightly heavier in the corners of the mouth, kissing short nose wide, large tongue lips thick. The neck is thick and powerful, the neck is drooping, the body is strong, the hearing is agile, the vision is sharp, the forelimb is sharp, the hind limbs are huge, the dog's teeth are extremely sharp, the ears are sagging, listening to the four -way information, the tail and side curl. Its shape is like a tiger, and the barking sounds like a lion roar and shake the mountains. The body is long and dense, the body is 10--40 cm long, the tail hair is 20--50 cm long, and the hair color is mostly black, followed by yellow, white, cyan and gray. Stay, be daunting. Poor meat, strong disease resistance.

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