2 thoughts on “How to adopt pet pigs?”

  1. The current official pig adoption channels have been closed, and pink diamonds cannot receive pigs on the official website to adopt pigs. Only 1, ask friends to ask friends for pig eggs 2. Go to Taobao or shoot a pig egg 3. Seeking one of the Rose Garden 4. Go to my.qq wish to go to the pig rose garden for one. Address: GameBBS.QQ/CGI-BIN/BBS/Show/Title? Groupid = 191: 30504

  2. 1 Find a friend who gives you more than 7 days of 7 days or a pat, buy one. 3 It is recommended to go to the pig rose garden for a good success. There are many people to send pigs. /show/title? GROUPID = 191: 30504

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