4 thoughts on “What kind of dog is almost the same as the soil dog”

  1. The dogs who are almost the same as the soil dog are Chinese idyllic dogs.
    The Chinese pastoral dogs are one of the Chinese native dog breeds, with a height of about 40-55 cm and weighing about 20-25 kg. The meat is not strong, and the diet is omnivorous. It is very similar to the shape of the wolf, with a short mouth and flat. The area is widely distributed. It is mainly distributed in the south of the Great Wall and east of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau. The low -altitude of the Han nationality centered on the Central Plains is the product of the Chinese Han nationality in the context of thousands of years of farming society.
    The ancestors of Chinese pastoral dogs are similar to other dogs, which are derived from the Southeast Asian wolf, while Chinese native dogs are closer to the appearance of the wolf, with short mouth and flat. Its geographical distribution is wide, and people’s lives are mainly grain. Therefore, it has made its medium -sized size and moderate body. The meat is not strong, the diet is omnivorous, and it is rough and not delicate.
    For the origin of Chinese pastoral dogs, it should be relocated from the northern region of the Han Dynasty to the northern part of the Yellow River to all parts of China. Chinese pastoral dogs are distributed in the north and south, but regardless of the cold north or the hot southern region, the rural dogs have beautiful long hair tails. These are the characteristics of the northern dog species.

  2. Are you talking about “cymbal”? A small Haba dog raised on the north.
    This dogs are also called Bara dogs. There are also places called Ba Langzi.

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