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  1. 1. Teddy, in fact, Teddy is a poodle, but in terms of appearance, they are more like Teddy Bear Puppets, so they get their names. The Teddy dog’s personality is lively, very sensitive, smart, and strong in adaptability. It can be said that it is very good. In addition, their IQ is very high, ranking second among all dogs!
    2, border shepherd dog, border shepherd is the smartest among all dogs. Their IQ is equivalent to six to eight years old children Personality is very enthusiastic and suitable for family care, but the owner should pay attention to ensuring that they have sufficient exercise daily.
    3, golden retriever, golden retriever’s character is very gentle and friendly. It is the most common large dog species in the city. It is too enthusiastic that they are not suitable for home care, because they are not hostile to strangers.
    4, Labrador, common Labrador is a guide dog, which also shows that their loyalty and kind personality, and Labrador likes to please his family, and is a very ideal family. pet. Sherry, Sherry’s personality is very gentle, and they prefer to hug, can get along with children and other pets, and Sherry rarely lose hair, which also saves the trouble of family cleaning.
    5, Samoyed dogs have a very eye -catching appearance: white quilt, smiling face and black and smart eyes are the most beautiful of the dogs now. The Samoyed Dog is naturally smart and is absolutely loyal to the owner. This dog has a lot of color, generally black, black and white, black and yellow -brown, and eventually dominant with white hairy varieties.

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