5 thoughts on “Some people who want to raise pets, why prefer to buy a pet shop without adopting?”

  1. 1. I am afraid that the dog will bite people: In fact, the dogs who adopt are either abandoned by the owner or a stray dog, so when the new owner is adopted, there will be very rebellious behavior, and even the owner will be bitten. The abandoned dogs need to trust the new owner for a long time, so many people will choose to buy a dog because of this.
    2, because it is difficult to raise: the dogs who adopt it are difficult to raise, and there will be a situation of not eating or drinking, and there is no obedience to the new owner. And other issues. Therefore, raising dogs must consider clearly, don't abandon if you raise it.
    Pucting information:
    It control the total amount of snacks for dogs to prevent affecting the meal. Do not replace the meal with snacks, because the nutritional content of snacks is relatively single of.
    smake does not allow dogs to have the habit of eating snacks every day. Various snacks are paired with dogs for dogs. Dogs' snacks also have some functions, such as relatively hard to remove dental stones.
    It can be diligent in walking the dog. If the dog develops the habit of urine in the outside, it is rarely excreted at home. It is necessary to emphasize here that when the dog is in the right place or urine at home, the owner will be angry, and it will even bring the dog directly to the excrement, scold and perform corporal punishment.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog

  2. Some people who want to raise pets, why prefer to buy a pet shop without adopting? The raised thresholds are too high and many, and pet shops only need to spend money to buy good varieties of pets.
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  3. I have added rescue adoption organizations. Seriously, it is not surprising that you can't adopt it at all.

    is not the problem of the adopter, but the adopter went in and the logic was closed. Some people abuse cats -raising conditions -rarely eligible for adopters — unable to get out — a large amount of cats and dogs hoarding — ca n’t afford to wander again -some people abuse cats .... (Although this is not a perfect logic, it is indeed a closed loop.)
    First of all, the adopter must be clear, not everyone abuses cats, and no matter how the cats are abused, there is a way to have the opportunity to go smoothly Adoption is unavoidable. Then, what is the cat abuse? Eat badly? Lead back to catch mice? No patience for cats? Cat? Kill the cat? (First of all, it ’s better to eat well than wandering. I have seen cats who are hungry to toilet paper. Even if I get back to eat leftovers, it is better than eating toilet paper. Plastic bags are strong. Okay. It may be the first contact for cats, which may be different from ideals. Do you want to guide? Is it a correct education method to hit cats, or is it serious about cats in the cat?)
    It have picked up a lot of wandering wandering Cats, big cats and milk cats can be delivered within two weeks, the slowest is about one month. I will take a bath for it, go to flea, cut nails, treat ear mites, guide it to use cat litter pots, learn to eat cat food, and can not prevent people. Big cats will bring sterilization. (Here you can see if there are any free sterilizers of stray cats in pet hospitals. I usually spend money to buy more than forty pieces of stray cat packages. The small plush blanket inside is the dowry when it is delivered. Cat food is a paid transition period)
    This conditions for adoption are: Do your parents/roommate/lovers agree to raise cats? Can cats and ideals and small videos be unacceptable? Will it be guaranteed to take the vaccine for sterilization (can I help connect with sterilization preferential places)? If you do n’t want to raise it, you do n’t want to transfer it, can you send it to me or take it to euthanasia (I can pay for the euthanasia)? Does the rental rental also agree? If you suddenly return to your hometown, what do you plan to deal with cats? I will ask a photo or video every half a month in the first three months (just send me when I have time), and I will send me a photo or video in the next three months. Drop a contact information.
    I will tell every interested adopter cat's personality, what toys you like, whatever you like, the cat food brand you eat now, how you can touch it will be particularly happy. If it is the first cat, I will also tell them what toys to buy, how to do bathing and care in the future. The first week will be called all night, and I will post videos and recording for them. After adopting, I will also provide subsequent guidance and assistance support (such as cats are sick, and someone needs to take care of it in the hospital. I will take care of for a few hours when I have time to make the adopters easier).
    I have adopted the cats I gave, and some girls adopted. Each of them worked here for renting a house. When I returned to my hometown, I continued to develop the cat.
    So you see, there are not so many cat abuse for the adopted. Maybe he does not know how to know the correct method, and you need to continue to guide. But this is not a cat abuse, either the method of education is different or cat abuse. (I don't mean that I can't get lucky. I will sneak down along the other party's known account. It is determined that an ordinary person will promise whether there is a fate with the cat in the follow -up interview. Of course Cats, I have no way, I can only say that I have lived a good day.)
    reduced the requirements and restore their rationality. Don't feel that no one adopted all day, you have to see your requirements unreasonable. Putting yourself from the perspective of adopters is a good thing for both parties. There must be a bottom line for the delivery person, but it is not blame.
    (Talking about the person who can be ruled out, the first is to refuse the euthanasia and reject sterilization. Generally, this kind of person will basically not spend money on the cure. Then For example, there must be no black spots on the nose, big ears, and what the eyes should be turned. Toy requirements specify the brand. Note that it is required, not recommending and exploring. Try not to leave your ID card, residential address and other detailed information, and decline to visit your door. Girls rent a house alone.)
    Is everyone can Work together to change the adoption atmosphere, be gentle and trust in people. (By the way, if a cat with a bad temper cannot be improved if it is guided and taken care of in the future, please be euthanized, thank you. This kind of cat is not suitable for adoption. If you have love, you can raise it, but do not give it to others. Others have no love.)
    I added why it should sterilize. First of all, it is not necessary to sterilize, but many adopters do not fully accept pet estrus, so sterilize and worry, fast, and convenient for you and me. In addition, if it is abandoned, it will not produce offspring and give birth to more animals that need to be rescued, similar to a insurance. I do n’t say that it must be sterilized, but the premise is that the adopters must give me a detailed plan. If the estrus causes the bed, the whole night, the uterus savage and other issues, what do you do. As long as you consider comprehensive and have a settlement plan, I will agree to adopt continuously.
    I added the problem of euthanasia. The first is why the adopter accepts euthanasia. The first is that if he does not intend to raise it and does not intend to send it back, he will definitely choose to continue to abandon the wandering, so the wandering will produce more kittens, and the original intention of helping the cat's rescue cat will violate the original heart of the cat. And the abandoned cats have adapted to the family, and they will live very hard again, and they will be psychologically traumatic. Some may have various problems and even die because they cannot quickly adapt. So taking euthanasia is the best ending to me. The second is that stray cats usually have many hidden physical problems. They may not be checked for each of them. It may suddenly outbreak because of environmental conversion. So, for the adopters, it may cost a lot of money, there are no end to tens of thousands of thousands, some may be saved, and some may not be saved. As a delivery person, you must preset this result in advance, and you should not blindly let the adopters do their best to treat their home property. From you to the euthanasia, it will not let the other party carry more pressure on the psychological.
    It, the stray cat has a bad personality, it is possible to let go, and you don't have to euthana. But if you must send it out to adopt, it is better to be euthanized. Otherwise, the psychological and physical damage caused by adopted people in the future is more serious than euthanasia. (Do not think that your cats are good anywhere. If you have a bad personality, you are a bit proud. Catching people is wrong. You can bite you if you bite people. It's not suitable for adoption.)

  4. In fact, pets are similar to children. From the puppies, they are very similar to pets. They are also purely pure in terms of emotional establishment. Pets adopted are generally adult dogs. The behavior habits have been developed. Some will affect personal credit. To a certain extent, the adopters have intangible pressure and many uncertain factors!
    . Application conditions

    1. Students who live in schools do not apply. Generally, schools do not allow pets to raise pets, and you cannot guarantee their future life.

    2, people who frequently replace the work location, please consider it carefully, because the situation of your relocation in different places may cause them to wander again. And if the owners of the new residence are more exclusive to pets, they will continue to wander, unless you can do not give up.

    3, the newlywed couple applies carefully to avoid abandoning animals under the name of children in the future.

    4, single man, please do not apply, because you may not be able to take time to take care of them.

    5, the elderly who love animals at home are preferred.

    6. Those who have been raising pets for many years are preferred.

    7. There is a reliable economic source and a fixed residence, and the consent of the family can provide a safe and stable living environment for adopted animals.

    . Adoption criteria

    1. To ensure the normal life of adopted animals and not abuse pets.

    2. Make sure no matter how the environment changes, it is necessary to leave the animals.

    3. If you are unable to take care of small animals due to unsatisfactory factors, please do not abandon, contact the relevant agencies of animal adoption and rescue or contact the next leader by yourself.

    4. When pets are sick, please go to the hospital for treatment to ensure that the health of animal adoption is your responsibility to it.

    5, please do sterilization surgery for the adopted animal.

    6, please lead the animals that are raised back to the pet hospital for immunity.

    7. After adoption, provide feedback information to the favorite pet.

    8, accept the return of pets and actively cooperate.

    9. If the environmental environment changes, you must contact the caring pet and confirm whether it is suitable for continuing adoption.

    10, strictly abide by the government's relevant laws and regulations and social morality, raised pets legally and reasonably, and adopt the pets for your adoption, consciously maintain environmental hygiene, must not affect the normal life of others order.

    . Adoption procedures

    1. Application generally needs to fill in the adoption application form according to the requirements of various institutions, associations, and organizations. )

    2. Selection -you can find cats and dogs that have a relationship with yourself at the pet rescue center or related agencies, and then notify the staff.

    3, inspection -The staff will conduct a review and inspection of your adoption conditions based on the information you provided (if necessary, you may also go home for inspection). This is responsible for cats and dogs. After all, they have to get along with you for a lifetime, so inspections are necessary and necessary, please understand and assist our work.

    4. Test about it -take the baby home and get along for a short period of time to see if you have the fate, whether you get it together, whether you and your family can tolerate some of its shortcomings and shortcomings.

    5, adoption -the end of the trial care, if the small animals you try to get along with you can get along happily, enter the last process: sign the formal adoption agreement. Congratulations: You will have an eternal friend who gives you happiness and not reward.

    6. Visit -return visit to the staff of the rescue station for some time after adoption, pay attention to the living conditions of adopting the living animals in the new home, and help you solve some confusion or difficulties in feeding. If you have a digital camera or video, you can also upload photos or videos of small animals you adopted in your new home, and share with you the happiness you and your family.

  5. I think there are a few reasons
    It some places, such as third- and fourth -tier cities, some contact information of pet adoption and assistance, promotion is not very good, for example, many people do not know where to adopt these little cute
    Too complicated, after registration, from your registration to adopting a cat and dog, the intermediate cycle may be too long. For everyone to raise the liver, it is likely that it will eventually be passed. I do n’t really like small animals. It may rise for a while. It may look good. Of course, the pet shop try to cultivate good -looking small animals. Of course, there are beautiful little guys on the rescue station, but more may have disability, or the so -called " "Famous varieties", brought out faceless
    . Finally, whether you buy or adopt, please ask the responsibility to the end. From the moment you take it home, it is already a relative who can’t speak at home. R r r

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