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  1. Misunderstanding 1: What is the good look of dog claws, isn’t it all like?

    is ah, look left and right, look up and down, all are dog feet. That’s because the bone structure of all dogs is basically the same, and we have not carefully observed and compared. From the perspective of external features, they can see the difference. Some dog’s claws are round, arched, four toes hug, like cat paws, we call them cat -shaped claws. Some dog’s claws are slightly longer, and the two toes in the middle are protruding, like rabbit feet, called rabbit -shaped claws. Do you know, there are some dogs with duck -like feet like ducks, which are very suitable for swimming, but we cannot call them duck -shaped feet, because their appearance is not like duck feet. In addition, some dog feet are large and thick, like wearing two pairs of big snow boots, and a large amount of protective hair grows between the toes.

    Different feet shapes from the differences between their growth environment and working methods, and humans’ aesthetic breeding. The so -called, one side of the water and soil raises one foot.

    Misunderstanding 2: The toes of all dogs are the first five and four, and the wolf toe is degenerate toe.

    If “all” to “most” can be established. Some dogs have wolf toes in the hind legs, which are generally caused by bad genes. They are indeed a degraded part, without great existence, and of course they can be removed. Removal wolf toes are generally performed within 10 days after the puppy was born, which is a very simple surgery. The significance of this surgery is to avoid the pain caused by the accidental injury of the wolf toe and the excessive development of the wolf toe in the future. There are some people’s requirements for the beauty of the dog. Effect.

    It in the field of professional dog exhibitions, not all dogs need to remove wolf toe, so there are “must be removed”, “can be removed” and “must not be removed”. Big White Bear Dogs and Anatoli Shepherds can have two wolf toes in one hind leg. The former must be retained, and the latter allows removal.

    Misunderstanding 3: Each dog may have different claws, but the four claws of a dog should be the same.

    It looks the same, but the functions of 4 legs are different, and it is inevitable. In dog breed standards, it is clearly stipulated that they are not the same.

    The front feet are large, and the back feet are small: Dedin Dingmeng (the difference between the front and rear), the West Highland Bai, Wales Corgi (Cartang Gen), the sausage, Scotland Dogs with short -legged body

    The front feet are small and large feet: Kane, Lowei (exactly, toes grow more), bullfighting (the same as Lowei)
    n n n n n n n n R n The front feet rabbit, the rear cat: Manchester (standard, seemingly weird)

    Misunderstanding Four: The feet of a standard dog are absolutely inaccurate.

    is right, a pair of toes stand forward and stand straight, it looks healthy. It is difficult to imagine what good results can be achieved by an adult Dubin, Dan or a lady who can get. However, if it is a Scottish with a slightly outside foot, it may not be judged by this influence on the judge. Because its eight characters are acceptable. Standards are not mechanical, not considering dog breed characteristics. This can actually be called “recognized defects”, because this defect does not affect the health of this dog breed.

    The baby flower name that is recognized by the “outer eight characters” defect

    Beijing dogs, bullfights, Kane, Dandadidon, Scottish, Staffeon bullfighting, west height land White, Wales Corgi (Card Gen), and sausage

    Note: The extent that all kinds of dogs are allowed to be allowed to skimming are different, and it cannot be generalized. , Dedi Dingmeng only licensed the very slight external skimming.

    Misunderstandings Five: Dogs can run into the toenails by themselves during walking. No need to cut it. Besides, there are no toenails. What can I walk?

    This dogs are no longer wild animals. They never need to be busy for survival. They can no longer meet the growth rate of toenails in normal laughter. Therefore Cuting toenails is necessary. Some owners do not cut the toenails of the dog all year round, causing the toenails to break and split, and the dogs are painful and unbearable. In addition, the dog walks on the ground with his feet, which has nothing to do with the toenails. Dragging 16 long toenails, not to mention the burden of walking. In case of smooth flooring, the dog’s toes are not tight, but also become outer eight characters, and they must be deformed when walking.

    The many competition dogs, shortly after birth, cut the toenails clean (shorter than us), plus reasonable training, when they grow up, the dog’s foot pad elasticity is thick. Standing and running, the models are stylish, really beautiful. Don’t you want to try?

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