1 thought on “How to write two hundred words of praise in pet hospitals?”

  1. As follows:
    1. I look forward to a day at home. The little cute dog is finally here. When the picture is just received when I receive the little cute, it is not possible to note after returning home. I hope that I will be so patient to answer my new hand shovel!
    2. I bought a companion for the parents of my hometown. My parents began to say that I would like to hold a soil dog, but I still think this dog is so good, and it will not scream. Although it is a pet -grade, it still feels a bit expensive. Fortunately, there is insurance and guarantee. I did not dare to tell them how much money to buy. It was delivered to the home and the vaccine was finished. My father started to say not to raise it, and now he likes everyone. It feels like that the dog is about to be played by him. In short, I am very satisfied, like a praise!
    3. After all, I bought pets online. I was still a little worried about the health of the dog when I bought it, but soon this worry was eliminated. The dog was very cute. It was very healthy and lively when it was sent. Quick, the dog is very healthy, lively, both naughty and cute, and soft hair. In the future, there is another playmate in the home ~
    4, the dog Pippi has just arrived at home for less than a week, the little guy is very cute, and it is also very very cute. Copy, I sleep uncomfortably while sleeping, and make a humorous little pitiful voice. If you like adults to sleep with you, you will sleep as well as a little pig. It is hoped that Pippi will grow up healthily after adapting to the new home.
    5, the hairy child came by a plane. It's two days at home. In addition to eating, sleep. When you wake up, you will continue to sleep. I like to run behind. If you can't see anyone, you will find it everywhere. Hope that Mao children can grow up healthy.

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