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  1. The owner of your own dog bite can take some punishment measures to the dog, letting it know that biting people is wrong, and gradually let the dog trust in themselves.
    This dogs to bite the owner, and should be rinsed with flowing water and soap for 20 to 30 minutes immediately, and the rabies vaccine is injected in time. When the wound is severe, the immunoglobulin needs to be injected.
    Is when dogs have developed a bad habit of biting people, the owner needs to strictly admit it and go out to walk the dog to prevent the bite from bite others.
    This biting or caught by the dog, or licking the wound by the dog, whether your own dog is immune to rabies vaccine, there is a risk of being infected with human and animal diseases. The rate is 100%. Therefore, if you accidentally hurt the dog in daily life, please use the rope to squeeze the blood near the wound on the side of the heart, wash out the wound with soap, and then rinse the wound with a large amount of water. Finally, disinfect it with iodophor, and immediately go to the nearest sanitary home injection of rabies vaccine. Do not have a chance.
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  2. “My dog ​​loves to bite when I see a stranger. Sometimes I bite me coldly when I play with me. It hurts every time, but I want to ask how to stop the dog bite people. ? “I believe that more than one person encounters such a pet dog biting incident, let’s take a look at the simple analysis of this article.
    . The reason why the dog rolls over and bites people:
    After the dog enters millions of households, the relationship between the neighborhood gradually alienated. At the same time, the communication time between people and pets has been extended. In addition to no principles, the owner often actively teases his pets for fun. On the surface, teased the entertainment atmosphere of people and pets, but pet researchers believe that teasing pets are endless.
    because of teasing is the negative training, which causes the pets’ normal behavior specifications to be lost. As soon as you go out, the bad habits are at a glance. If you go out, you suddenly chase, bite people, chase dogs, bite dogs, and scream. Excitement and mania are uneasy, which has nothing to do with the breed of dogs. Therefore, to prevent dog injury, the owner must completely find out the type of dogs before buying dogs, and continuously learn in daily life, and grasp it from the sound, movements, and eyes of the dog to control it.
    It, the characteristics of the dog are highly sensitive. They will respond to the small changes of the environment, climate, time, activity objects and odors, and they may suddenly attacked people in an instant, including the owner.
    . Prevention measures of dog bite people:
    1. When you go out, you must wear a traction band
    because whether it is a small Chihuahua or Germany Dan; Dogs, or Tibetan mastiff dogs, hearing screams, sudden vibrations, external attacks (putting guns), screams of animals (dogs hunting) will cause sudden reflections. Secondly, after getting out of your own house, when meeting with acquaintances and other dogs, don’t talk loudly or dance, let alone tease the dog. Because the friendly expression between people is an attack in the dog’s understanding. Third, do not use it with one heart when scattered dogs. Otherwise, it may be too late to deal with when pets attack others.
    2. Be a happy owner who is not afraid of rabies
    Pet researchers also found that in most cases, dog bites and human wounded dogs occur in inappropriate places. Especially when your pet dog is shouting, the attacked person must keep calm, do not scream, sprinkle your legs back, and do not kick the dog. Although the dog seems to be an active attacker, it actually stems from the inner fear. The purpose of the roar is to scare people and call themselves. If the attacked people are screaming and kicking dogs, it is a positive “fighting” move. The consequence is to increase the attack of the dog. At this time, the owner should not chase his pet, because this “further” behavior is a “partnership” for dogs.
    The owner should be motionless in place, calling the dog’s name loudly, and calling it back. Once the dog comes back, the owner will seriously criticize it and make a “sitting” password loudly to make it quiet. If the dog obeys the master’s password immediately, praise it, let it know what is wrong and how to correct it. In addition, it is necessary to repeat criticism and praise several times a day, otherwise it will “forget the claws.”
    The people who do not raise dogs must contact them in advance, so that the owner’s affairs can arrange the dogs in advance, so as not to be scared by the puppy’s sudden scream. Regardless of whether the owner holds or holds the dog, once it rush out, the explosive power is very large, making people feel embarrassed and unpleasant, and even accidental injuries. Because no matter what guests come, puppies will smell you up and down, because you bring different smells. At this time, the guests should not touch it. The owner said “smell it” and take the initiative to take his puppy away. Do not let the dogs and guests be affectionate to reduce the sudden trouble.

  3. This shows that the dog does not like you very much, so you must feed the dogs a lot, and you must always play with it. He often takes him out and walk. This can enhance the feelings between the owner and the dog. Let your dog trust you more.

  4. In terms of the dog biting the owner. If it is a puppy, the puppy has a period of teeth, and you will want to find all kinds of things to wear teeth. At this time, the puppy bites the owner, and it will not bite hard. The owner should educate puppies more, so that it is not right to bite people. In addition, you can buy some grinding toys for it. If you are a relatively old -age dog and a more fierce situation, you need to train dogs scientifically to prevent dogs from bite people.

  5. It may be that the dog has some diseases. You can take the dog to the pet hospital, let the pet doctor check and diagnose, and then buy some drugs in accordance with the doctor’s instructions to treat the dogs. The dogs are just fine.

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