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  1. Adult Shiba Inu food feeding principles
    The principles of food feeding in adult Shiba Inu, Shiba Inu is also one of the favorite breeds that are loved by everyone. They not only have a cute appearance, but also loyal to the owner. Of course Pay attention to the principle of food feeding of Shiba Inu. The content shared today is the principle of food feeding in adult.
    The principle of feeding of adult Shiba Inu food feeding principles for young and old dog feeding principles is to eat less meals, and the food is mainly soft food that is easy to absorb digestion. Adult Shiba Inu can be fed normally. Shiba Inu puppies 0 to March need to feed about 5 to 6 times a day; Shiba Inu aged 3 to June needs to feed 4 to 5 times a day; dogs in June-to age need to be fed 3 times a day. Adult dogs can feed 1-2 meals a day. The gastrointestinal function of Shiba Inu of a young age and old age is relatively fragile. Each food that the owner is feeds should not be too much, and the dogs are full of 7-8 minutes; and the habit of regular feeding must be developed to avoid increasing the gastrointestinal burden of pet dogs. , Make the dog’s diet more healthy. The amount of rice feeded by adult Shiba Inu needs to ensure that dogs can be full. After the dog is eaten, the owner can touch the dog’s abdomen with both hands. If the dog’s belly is neither bloated nor or not, it means that the amount of food feeding is just right; Essence
    The contraindications when feeding Shiba Inu:
    Is to feed deadly foods to raise Shiba Inu, do not let dogs eat foods that are harmful to themselves; such as chocolate, grapes, nuts, etc.
    Stidoscope leftovers can be feeded by the owner. For the leftovers leftovers for people; because long -term edible leftovers and leftovers can cause the dog’s nutritional imbalance, which will cause hair loss and tear marks. In addition, the owner should use dog food as a staple food for Shiba Inu, because dog food is combined according to the nutritional needs of dogs, which can ensure the health of the dog. When choosing dog food, the owner should buy priority to buy low -salt and low oil, high protein, low fat, and balanced natural dog food, so that the dog can provide the best meal for dogs.

    The adult -converted dog’s adult is related to gender and body, varieties, etc. of how to convert adult Shiba Inu. Generally speaking, small dogs: Beds are adults when they are 1 year old, and 18 male dogs want 18 The month is considered to be an adult dog. Medium -sized dogs: The female dogs are adults in 18 months, and the male dog will take 24 months to be considered an adult dog. Large dogs: The female dog is an adult in 18 months, and the male dog will take 24 months to be considered an adult dog. So Shiba Inu, a medium -sized dog, is 18 months old, and the male dog is adults for 24 months.
    Because Shiba Inu’s life span is much shorter than humans, their “childhood” is also so short. I want to know that the life of Shiba Inu also has calculation methods. The next year is quite 17 years old, 23 years old after birth, and 38 years old after birth. After that, the four -year -old conversion is increased every year. Therefore, the age of 10 dogs is 55 years old. Recently, because of the improvement of nutrition, the life of the dog has also been extended, and some dogs will live for 20 years. Dogs’ life span is often due to different dog species, and there are different results. Different places and people are very short time. Dogs can still live healthily half a year before the death. The driving force of the old age is still very high, but it is still a lot lower than when they are young, so they will often get sick. It is also very troublesome for dogs or dog owners, so I had to bring Shiba Inu to the veterinary hospital for a health check in half a year for early discovery. Usually eat more healthy foods for Shiba Inu and take them out for a walk. It is also good to bask in the sun.

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