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  1. Pet dog breeding methods are divided into natural mating and artificial fertilization. Artificial fertilization is only between male and female dogs that cannot be conceived through natural mating. To truly understand the reproduction of this technology, scientific use of artificial fertilization can control the number of conception.
    Is when the same variety of male dogs and female dogs with the same excellent traits, not only can ensure that their offspring varieties are pure, but they can also consolidate and develop the excellent qualities of their parents on their offspring. This kind of mating mating Breeding is called purebred breeding.
    Mou with a good variety of male dogs with another variety of female dogs. Because of their different excellent traits, they can obtain offspring with different excellent quality of parents. Using two different types of male beasts and female beasts, the new varieties or descendants with new properties are cultivated. New dog breed to the owner.
    Pucting information: The best age of breeding dogs starts the best age of mating and breeding:
    Animals have a specific time of sexual maturity, and the specific time of sexual maturity is not the age of the best birth offspring. Essence Taking medium -sized dogs as an example, they begin to mature at the age of July to August after birth. At this time, although the male dogs and female dogs have the ability to feed offspring, their physical development is not sound. At this time Not too good.
    For black back, wolf green, Lingyi, Kunming dogs, etc., the best dog age for their first breeding offspring: The female dog should start from the age of 18 or 20 months after birth. At this time, they should The body is only developed and has the power of breastfeeding dogs. Therefore, the female dog should be breed in the third estrus period; the male dog development is later than the female dog. Essence
    The breeding age of male dogs can continue from the age of two to seven or eight years old. To get the excellent offspring of a good breed dog, you must also strengthen the nutrition of the male and female dogs before breeding. Pay attention to appropriate training and appropriate training and Exercise should not only maintain physical health, but also maintain their enthusiasm for excitement.

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