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  1. Like other animals, dogs rely on food to obtain energy. Foods containing sufficient energy should also provide all necessary nutrition for each dog in a balanced manner. Sugar and fat are the most basic source of energy, but dogs can also obtain energy from protein. Although sugar can provide energy for dogs, it is not necessary for dogs.
    The energy balance is essential to maintain the health of dogs at different stages of life. Too little energy will make them thinner, and too much energy will cause obesity and complications -for example, large dogs will deform their bones.
    The energy demand for a dog depends on its activity. For example, it is working, living indoors or outdoor, illness, whether it is old or growing. Sedaries who are pregnant and breastfeeding also need a lot of energy. If your dog becomes less active with the age, you may need to reduce his feeding to avoid obesity. If you use commercial pet food, the label on the packaging will indicate the feeding amount. However, please remember that this feeding volume is for reference only, you should make some adjustments according to your dog's needs. If he is active, he needs to eat more. If he is quiet, he needs to eat less. Don't forget to consider other foods it eats -the calories of biscuits and other snacks.
    The easiest way to monitor your dog's diet and health is to observe it. If a dog is very alert, his eyes are bright, not fat or thin, then it is likely to be healthy and nutritious.
    If your dog weight increases, you may be too fed. When feeding meat and biscuits, the amount of food should be reduced or reduced to the amount of biscuits to balance the diet. Most adult dogs that are large or more can eat a meal a day, but if you are convenient or beneficial to your dog, you can also feed them twice or more times a day. For puppies, because of their small stomach, it is best to feed them twice a day. Similarly, puppies, working dogs, pregnant mother dogs, lactating niche dogs, sick dogs and recovery dogs usually need to be fed several times a day. You should make sure your dog eats the correct amount and frequency of food every day.
    Carians with rarely active

    M small dogs with less than 1 hour every day:

    This dogs need 110 calories to 620 calories per day. Because it has a small amount of activity, it must be ensured that it eats an appropriate amount, otherwise it is easy to gain weight. Don't give it leftovers, which will greatly increase its energy intake. If possible, try to increase their daily activities to 1 to 2 hours. Remember, all the energy intake given here for reference only. And even if the weight and activity of each dog are the same, the heat required will not be the same, and there will be some differences between dogs of different varieties.

  2. Clean the dog's teeth regularly, clean the dog's ears, and give the dog a balanced nutrition. You must buy a special ration for breeding to ensure the diversity of the diet, order meals regularly to ensure a certain amount of activity.

  3. The first is to choose dog food with quality preferences, which is particularly important. The second is to pay attention to diet mixing. Give dogs to eat more coarse grains or vegetables. Finally, it is a combination of work and rest.

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