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  1. The dosage is 2.5 in the two thick wool, the clothes are 1 foot 1, the bust is 6 inches (100 stitches) of this neck 80 stitches, the front and back authorities are 5 inches. Ten tunnel 1.5 inches (with 80 stitches, weaving 1.5 inches, an average of 10 stitches of 90 stitches, 20 stitches from the neckline, as an anterior brooch) leg and rear gear at the same time. 1 needle, a total of 7 stitches, 2 inches at the oblique amount, and the remaining 14 stitches around the legs.

  2. Steps to knitting sweaters:
    1, measure the abdomen of the dog, use the medium thick wool and press a 15 -needle and 1 inch ratio, and woven it into a cylindrical shape. Dog needle acute has good expansion and is not easy to curl.
    2, four -flat needles and ingot needles with strong woven expansion, two holes in the upper limbs at 1.5 cm. Continue the cylinder according to the length of the dog and flow out of the hind limbs 1.5 cm away from the hand. Generally, there is no hole for about 20 stitches.
    3, put the small hole with the needle, woven it into a small cylinder, and make the legs of semi -trousers with a length of about 3 cm. The legs of the limbs are woven, and the sweater will take shape.
    4, you can wear puppies like this, or use hooks to hook the previous crescent, phoenix tail to decorate.
    5. If the dog is large, it is not suitable for wearing a sweater, which can be woven into pieces, leaving a knitted sweater. Leave the limb holes, the method of woven trousers.

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