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  1. There are many reasons for Biens to lose hair. The summary is as follows:
    1, the normal changes in the season
    often the bikon is often a large number of abnormal hair loss during the spring and autumn or autumn and winter changes. This phenomenon is normal. To better adapt to the season's climate by changing hair. In addition, the two -month -old Bichon will slowly remove the fetal hair. This pet owner does not need to worry too much.

    2. Nutritional lack of
    This is not sufficiently nutritious than bear. It cannot meet the needs of hair. It often occurs abnormal hair loss, especially for a long -term bi -bear. It is recommended that pet owners can also buy some nutritional products for pet dog hair in addition to feeding dog food. For example, Wang wants lecithin.
    3. Improper bathing
    2 When Big Barrier takes a bath, be careful not to use people's bath products at will. Some people like to give people's shower gel or laundry powder. Big bear's skin and hair cause abnormal hair loss.

    It's bathing supplies, it is recommended to use dogs, such as a fun dog fragrance. At the same time, it cannot be taken too frequently for a month, and the number of times can be controlled at two or three times.

    4, parasites and skin diseases
    The above reasons are not. You can check whether there are parasites on the bear. Common in vitro deworming is blessed. In addition, the hair loss of the bear is severe, and there are white dandruff, rash, etc., which may be infected with skin diseases. A fungal care spray is needed. If necessary, pet hospitals are required for examination and treatment.

  2. You can feed some twin beef ingots, and my dog ​​has been using it to prevent hair and dry hair and fade.喂 Fay less salted foods in daily life and exercise more dogs with dogs to ensure a balanced intake of protein and vitamins!

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