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  1. From the age of April, the dog's teeth have been replaced with permanent teeth in June. But the doctor told me that there were some specially changed from two months. There was only 2 years old to change it ~
    A adult dogs (goninded tooth) tooth formation is
    R n The dog teeth
    , the front molar
    , the molar
    in total 42
    , a total of 28 pieces. Lack 1 front molars and molars.
    The canine teeth are all short -crowned, the top of the jaw first and secondary tooth tooth is three peaks, the middle part is the peak of dogs, small peaks on both sides, and the remaining teeth have two peaks of dogs. The sharp -edge is a powerful weapon for offense and self -defense. The day before yesterday was three shapes. The sun teeth are multi -peak. When determining the age, the following criteria:
    20 days
    started to grow teeth.
    4 ~ 6 weeks age:
    At the age of nearly February, the full minister of the milk teeth is all white, white, thin and pointed.
    2 to April April:
    Stock to replace the first milk cava.
    5 ~ June year old:
    It the second, three breasts and breast can dog teeth.
    : After the age of August:
    All replace it with an Ingotan tooth.
    L years old:
    Sstarial teeth are long, white and bright, and there are tipping on the incidents.
    1.5 years old:
    The peaks of the first tooth dog of the jaw to be flat to the flat peak. This phenomenon is called the peak.
    2.5 years old:
    The peaks of the second door of the jaw.
    3.5 years old:
    The peak of the first tooth of the upper jaw.
    4.5 years old:
    The peak of the second door of the upper jaw.
    5 years old:
    The peaks of the third door of the jaw are slightly worn. .. , -Shi
    6 years old:
    The peaks of the third door of the jaw teeth are obliterated, and the canine tooth is blunt.
    7 years old:
    The first tooth of the jaw is worn to the root of the tooth.
    10 years old:
    The first tooth grinding surface of the jaw and the first tooth grinding surface of the upper jaw is vertical oval.
    16 years old:
    The teeth fall off, and canine inconvenience.

  2. Dogs start to change teeth in about two months. At this time, because the breast teeth are dropped, the new gondent's teeth are about to grow. The dog's teeth will be very uncomfortable, so they like to bite things. During the dog changing teeth, the owner can buy some molars to grind the dog.
    The types and individual differences in dogs may be different. Generally, after 7-9 months old, all are replaced with permanent teeth. When the dog changes teeth, it is normal to find the fell to the teeth. It is likely to mix food with food, and it may also fall.

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