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  1. Dogs will change their teeth from 2-3 months until they change all teeth until June-August. During the teeth change, the owner needs to collect debris such as shoes, cartons, and wires to prevent dogs from biting. It is best to turn it off at work, put it out after get off work, and prepare more dogs to bite the glue for grinding teeth. Sometimes the dog's deciduous teeth are difficult to fall off, and the owner should regularly check its teeth.
    During the dog's teeth, the owner should regularly check its teeth. If there is a new teeth growing, but the deciduous teeth are not falling off, it is best to take it to the tooth to get the teeth to prevent the new teeth from being squeezed and squeezed and deformed. After the tooth change period, the owner is also the best check.

  2. At 20 days of birth, the deciduous teeth were generated, and the deciduous teeth were completely good at the age of February. After many dogs grow up in February, the development of nutrition has accelerated due to the relatively balanced nutritional supplement. Usually, the dogs start to have obvious tooth changing performance at the age of 3 to April. The behavior of appears. At around April, the dog may start to replace the deciduous teeth. At first, the front teeth in the middle of the dog's teeth were replaced with the first, 2nd, and 3rd tooth. When you are around May, you will replace the canine teeth. At about June, the lace on the back will also be replaced. Therefore, for puppies, their teeth change periods are basically completed between April and June.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, thank you for using Baidu to know, here to allocate the best answer plan for you. This is my answer from this question ~ I am inquiring for you, please wait a bit Can't reply in time, please wait a little bit ~ [Flowers] [Flowers] [Flowers]nHello ~ Puppy Dog 3-6 Moon ChangenDog (Latin scientific name: Canis Lupus) belongs to carnivores. Dogs are distributed around the world. When they live in groups, they also have a "hierarchical system", which can maintain the stability of the entire group and reduce the fighting and war caused by the struggle of food, living space and the opposite sex. Dogs have a territory habit, they have a certain range of themselves, and they are protected to prevent other animals from invading. The dog's eyeball crystals are relatively large, deforming like a horse's eyeball. All the canine teeth are short -crowned, the first and secondary tooth crowns of the upper jaw are three peaks, the middle part is the peak of the canine, and there are small peaks on both sides. In Chinese culture, dogs are one of the zodiac signs and 11th among the zodiac signs.nDear ~ I hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~ [Looking forward] Finally, I wish you a happy life ~ [Celebration] [Celebration] [Celebration] If you still do you still If you have any questions, please ask me after the consultation ~nMore 2nBleak

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