What dogs are better to raise, don’t stick to people, don’t love to call

What dogs are easy to raise, not sticky, and do not like to call. Usually, I went out in the morning and came back in the afternoon, and I was not at home for 9 hours. It was best to do not like to drink water and do not like troubled dogs. What dog is the best?

4 thoughts on “What dogs are better to raise, don’t stick to people, don’t love to call”

  1. Hello, you can choose to raise Snow Narui with a small personality and stable personality. The most important point is that you do n’t lose hair, and you know where you can teach it a few times. Destroyed and tossing furniture is a good partner dog who likes quiet people. In fact, if the dog drinks water, it will be enough to get too much in the morning and evening because it is not so large that the family dog ​​running is not so big.

  2. Small dogs are suitable for you, Teddy Bienx is not needed. They are the dogs who are holding hugs. The sausage hair is short and stable. The Chihuahua deer is also good. Sherry is also good and cute and smart.
    The conditions are not very suitable for dog breeding, I hope to consider it carefully, because dogs are also life

  3. Bian Bianpu or Labrado
    Husky Samoyed is too much that you can't stand it at all. The first choice
    We both of them are also very cheap

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