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  1. Chengdu Pet Market Introduction and Rolling route

    The stone spirit pet market ~~~~~~
    Location: next to Shiling Town, Nongquan District, Chengdu

    Occupy: More than 20 acres

    The market Time: Tuesday, Thursday, Six

    Introduction: Standardly stable pet flower and bird market, various Chinese and foreign famous dogs in the market There are pet -dedicated hospitals, medicines, supplies, pet foods, beauty, epidemic prevention, vaccination, air transportation, land transportation, online sales and other one -stop services. The bus and cars that are issued in it: Cultural Palace 7, urban and rural roads 3 and 9, Chadongzi 108, 113 roads on Sands, Kaitang Temple 301, cluster bridge 307, and any road or or in the North Railway Railway Railway Station It is Shanghai, Nanchong, and any direct car from Chongqing to Chengdu to reach the market.

    Jinxiu Pet Market (Huangtianba) ~~~~

    New landing: 14 acres

    Marketing Time: Every Wednesday, week, week Daily

    The predecessor: Jinxiu Bridge pet market has always been the largest and most famous pet market in Chengdu’s main urban area. Every Wednesday and Sundays, the streets next to this market, the streets of Caotang Road, Huanjin Road, Wangxiaochang Street are full of dog vendors and bird vendors, and all kinds of pets are sold along the street. “We live well here! The smell of smell in the nose, noise in the ears, and not to be quiet!” Li Shuxiu, who lives nearby, said that the regular Jinxiu Bridge market originally had a lot of pets, sewage, feces, dog barking The sound is unbearable, and the Daodou City has a greater impact on residents.

    The introduction: The new pet market in Huangtianba will be handed over to Chengdu Minsheng Market Property Co., Ltd. professional management. The new market has 14 acres, which can accommodate more than 7,000 people to enter the market at the same time. In the market, the city will also open the city’s first “abandoned pet containment”

    Bling route: (Cultural Palace) 13th Road, and 32nd Road 32st Station

    Taoyuan Pet market (head of the machine) ~~~~~~

    The newly built land: more than 40 acres

    Marketing time: every Wednesday, Friday, day
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R N: There are more than 200 shops and nearly 20 merchants. It is currently the only ecological flower and bird pet market in the southwest. Various Chinese and foreign dogs in the market have pet -specific hospitals, medicines, supplies, pet foods, beauty, cosmetic, epidemic prevention, air transportation, land transportation, online sales and other one -stop services. The small bridge flows in the market all year round, the four seasons of birds are fragrant, and the supporting facilities are perfect. It has a parking lot of 10 acres, nearly 50 rooms in the hotel, and a total of 200 people in a meal, open -air teahouses and many Yajian tea rooms. That is, business leisure is one.

    MB: 53, 29, 83, 90, 405, 405, 404, 502, 503 can be reached.

  2. Qingshiqiao! It is located in the south of Yanshikou “Carrefour”. It is recommended that the landlord go to Yanshikou and ask a merchant casually. There is the largest pet market in the city, and there should be something that the host wants.

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