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  1. 1. Regularly prevent vaccination. At present, the canine plague vaccine produced in my country is the cells of cells cultivating weak poison vaccines. In order to improve the immune effect, the following immune procedures should be performed. The dogs are 6 weeks of age for the first immunization time, the second age of 8 weeks, and the third immunity for 10 weeks. In the future, the immune dose is two milliliters each year, which can obtain a certain immune effect. Given that there is a parent -source antibody in the body of the puppies below 12 weeks, it can significantly affect the immune effect of the canine plague vaccine. Therefore, for puppies under 12 weeks, it is best to apply measles vaccine (canine plague virus and measles virus virus virus virus. It is also a measles virus virus virus with common antigenicity). The specific immune method is that when puppies are in January and two months old, each measles vaccine is immunized once. 2.5), until 12–16 weeks, immune to vaccine vaccines with canine plague. According to some units, when immunization is used, it can get better immune effects.
    2. Strengthen the preservation of veterinary hygiene and epidemic prevention. Each farm should be self -supported as much as possible. In the epidemic season of this disease, it is strictly forbidden to bring the dogs raised to the place where the dogs are assembled.
    3, timely isolation treatment. Discovering the sick dog in time, early isolation treatment, and preventing secondary infections is the key to increasing the cure rate. Early muscle or subcutaneous injection of anti -dog plague can avoid serum (or whole blood) of the diseased rehabilitation dogs. The amount of serum should be dependent on the condition and the size of the dog body. It is usually used for 5–10 ml to obtain a certain effect. According to information, while using high -free serum treatment, it can be used to use antivirus spirit -free dry powder injections, which can improve the treatment effect. , Medium-sized dog vein 2–4 bottles, small-month-old dogs can be reduced as appropriate. Anti -toxic spirit can also be injected muscle. In addition, early application of antibiotics (such as penicillin, rinomamycin, etc.), and symptomatic treatment, is of great significance for preventing bacterial secondary infections and diseased dog recovery.
    4, thorough disinfection room, dog house, sports venue. The environment can be disinfected by 3%Forma, 20%lime water or 0.3%sodium hypochlorite. Dogs died or incineration for dogs died for this disease.

    It other precautions:
    1. Avoid introducing diseased dogs and poison dogs when buying pet dogs. It is best to observe for 15 days to prevent vaccination.
    2. When discovering the diseased dog, the sick animal should be isolated, deeply buried or burned.
    3, the environment is completely disinfected. For environmental disinfection can be used for environmental disinfection of formalin, sodium hydroxide, carbonic acid solution, etc.
    4. Usually reasonable prevention vaccination. my country is currently used to prevent the disease of the disease.
    5. Before the vaccine is finished, it is forbidden to go out, do not take a bath, and do not contact other dogs.
    Chetelles: iask.sina/b/2077604

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