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  1. How to train dogs to enter a cage 1. Prepare dog cages: The primary principle of preparing dog cages is to ensure that the dog can stand, sit, lie, turn around, etc. in the cage. In addition The sharp protrusion will not hurt the dog. Put a suitable cushion in the cage, it is advisable to be comfortable with dogs. 2. Preparation before training: Prepare some meat snacks that dogs love to eat, cut into small pieces (the size of the block depends on the size of the dog’s body) and bones. 3. Training steps: The first step: the cage door is often opened, and a few snacks are taken in your hand to let the dog see the snacks in your hand and throw the snacks into the cage. For some dogs who dare not enter the cage, first Throw the snack at the door of the cage and gradually change the snack position, so that the dog dares to enter the cage to pick up the snacks. Step 2: Repeat the first step many times to let the dog dare to go to the depths of the cage to pick up snacks. Step 3: Drive the snacks into a place where the dog is not easy to pick up in the dog cage (such as the gap between the dog pads) and extend the time for the dog in the cage. Give two snacks outside. Step 4: After repeating the third step, the snack is replaced with crispy crispy bones (a kind of dog snack), allowing the dog to enter the cage and bone in the cage. Step 5: Repeat the fourth step repeatedly. When the dog can quietly stretch the bones in the cage quietly, close the door. Note that it is just closed. come out. Step 6: Repeat the fifth step multiple times. When the dog is completely adapted to the cage, you can get the cage.

  2. Do not pull the dog to enter the cage. With the dog’s unwillingness, strong pulling dogs will make it even more disliked. You can put the dogs that the dogs usually like in the cage first, and let the dog enter the cage naturally without tie the neck circle and the dog chain.

    This dogs with dogs may struggle because they do not want to enter the cage. At this point, you can even hold your dog into a cage to make it feel more secure.

    It the dog’s favorite food in the cage When the food attracts it to pay attention, the dog is not easy to be nervous. Because the attention is dispersed, it thinks it is a time to eat, not to close it.

    After entering the cage completely, it is very likely that the dog is likely to come out. At this time, let it soothe its emotions, touch it until it is willing to lie down in the cage, and then close the cage door. Once you close the cage door, do not open the cage door because of the dog’s response to let it come out, so as not to let the dog learn to control you.

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