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  1. 1. Sichuan Jianzhou Cat. Native to China. Tall and strong. The ears of Jianzhou Cat in Sichuan are four ears. Sichuan Jianzhou Cat is very agile. It is a hunting expert and has a large amount of breeding in rural areas. This cat is mainly used for rats.

    2. Russian blue cat. Native to Russia, Russian blue cats have good bodies and stable muscles. Russian blue cats are very quiet, shy, happy to please people, resourceful, and friendly. They are qualified parent cats. The cry is very gentle, even if the estrus does not disturb people. Do not go out often and want to stay inside the house, so there is very little danger of hybridization. Have superior adaptability, like tranquility, and graceful personality.

    3. British long hair cat. Native to Britain. British long -haired cats have a huge head on their heads, short and thick necks, and their forehead should not be oblique. Ear upright. British Changmao Cat Smart Police, naughty but not bullshit, love coquettish. Donesty, willfulness, strong independence, docile temperament, close to people, spirituality, good at communicating with children and dogs is a loyal partner of human beings. Due to the good quality of your heart, you can give a bad environment freely.

    4. American short -haired cat. Native to the United States. American short -haired cats are slightly thick and fat. The head is full of cheeks. The American short -haired cat has a long life, strong, healthy, happy, beautiful, quiet, well -behaved, human, and emotional. As long as he gives respect to the owner of the owner who raises it, he is very close to the children, and it is harmonious to the children.

    5. British short hair cats. Native to Britain. British short -haired cats are healthy, muscular, and short limbs. British short -haired cat smart police officers, naughty but not bullshit. Donesty, willfulness, strong independence, docile temperament, close to people, spirituality, good at playing with children and dogs, are human loyal partners. Due to good psychological quality, it can be freely cope with the poor environment.

    6. Canadian hairless cat. Native to Canada. The hairless cats in Canada are solid and their muscles are well developed. They should have a slight belly, such as just a full meal. Canadian hairless cats are very honest, endurance, and easy to get close to people, loyal to the owner.

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