What do you mean by the colors of Wind Cat Cat?

What do you mean by the colors of Wind Cat Cat? Such as pink brings peach blossoms and the like … Can anyone tell me?

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  1. ★ Fortune Cat ★ Explanation^︿^

    The folk legends about recruiting cats in Japan, basically related to the “kitten report”. Since the Edo period, the wealth cat has become a token of auspiciousness and peace in Japan. When the child is adult, the husband goes out, and the mother and wife will put them on a wealthy cat cloth doll. The first wealth cat doll must be sitting on a red cloth pad, hanging golden bells on the chest, expressionless, closed eyes, raising his right hand to symbolize the wealth of wealth. The development and evolution of more than 400 years, the fortune cat is no longer limited to the fixed expression and movements, and the colors are diverse. They represent different meanings.

    ★ Wind brocade^Fortune Cat^The meaning of the color of the body:

    1, Golden Representative: Fortune Hengtong
    2, yellow representative: concluding good fate
    3,,, Blue Representative: Promotion of Career
    4, Pink Representative: Good Love
    5, White Representative: Harmony
    6, Green Representative: Happiness Stability
    7, Black Representative: Evil disasters, blessing Ping An safe
    8, purple representative: good, beautiful
    9, red representative: dispel disease and remove magic, physical health

    The meaning of the pattern of wealth cats:
    1, bell: symbol Kaiyun, origin
    2, cherry blossoms: symbolize love, career good luck
    3, Fuji Mountain: symbolize wealth, wealth and fortune
    4, four seasons flowers: symbolize wealth auspicious Auspicious and vitality
    6, fish: symbolize the remaining
    7, eggplant: realize the realization of wishes and ideals
    8, tortoise cranes: symbolize longevity
    9, treasure boat: symbolize wealth
    10, eagle: symbolize ideals and dreams

  2. Raising the right hand is a fortune, usually in the family; raising the left hand is recruiting people to pick up customers, and being used by businessmen to place the store; if both hands are raised, it means that people’s wealth can be obtained.
    The pink is to hope that love is smooth, red is to be healthy, green is nominated by the gold list, gold is hopeful for wealth, yellow is hopeful for business prosperity, and black is to eliminate disasters.

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