5 thoughts on “Why do some people say that it is not good to see cats having children?”

  1. The saying that is not superstitious is superstition. It is because of a cat. There is a parasite on the body that seems to be called cloud species. This kind of worm is not good for pregnant women. Once pregnant women are in contact with cats during pregnancy, this will enter the system through the breathing system. Essence After the baby is born, there will be congenital problems, so it is best not to be with cats during pregnancy. If you mean dreaming, it is really a superstition for people because of regional culture. Well, different reasons do Chinese people think cats, especially black cats? Unreamed of hints that are called God in Egyptian cats, especially black cats. They can remove the demon. You see a scene in the tomb fan city. There is a black cat village. The piano scared the mummy away, so the cat itself didn't want to just add them to them. Just stick the code. Don't listen to those superstitions.

  2. This is all superstition. When I was young, I saw my husband's cat had children, and there was nothing bad! Besides, you do n’t see these animals and have children. How do you know that they are difficult to give birth and are prepared! Whether it is a cat, dog, or even all animals, they must have love for them, just like treating newborns, care carefully! Let's talk so much! I wonder if my answer can help you, and finally wish you all your best!

  3. Why do some people say that it is not good to see cats having children? This is all superstition. When the cat was born, he was unwilling to let people see it. The cats with children like it very much. The owner takes care of it. Being around.

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