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  1. Cat food has now become the first choice for fed cats for most shoveling officers. It is not exaggerated that now the cities are fed for cats. Nine are only nine to eat cat food. But do you know? If you only eat cat food for cats, it is equivalent to raising this cat.
    The cats cannot only eat cat food

    The cats of cats have risen abroad from the end of the last century, and then slowly introduced to the country. Cat food has become the main food of cats for its convenience, fast, and nutritious, and is loved by shoveling officers.
    but cats cannot only eat cat food. Love cats choose the most suitable cat food for it, and the cat only gives cats for cat food!

    The cat food to eat cat food must also be fed to cats. Many shoveling officers believe that cat food can solve all the needs of cats, especially the more expensive cat food, the nutrition contained in the nutrition, the nutrition contained in the nutrition The more material, the better the cat. In fact, it is correct to choose a good cat food for cats, but it is not right to eat cat food for cats.
    Cats are pure meat animals, and eating meat is the cat’s food habit. Cat food is complex puffed food, which cannot satisfy the satisfaction of cats ‘eating meat, and the needs of some nutritional ingredients, which will slowly cause cats’ health problems and cause cats to lose weight. The more thinner, the more it is, isn’t that equivalent to Bai Yang.

    three kinds of meat that cats must eat, poultry meat or livestock meat
    chicken breasts, beef, duck meat and other poultry meat or livestock meat, which is very popular with cats, and at the same time, the price is moderate price. , To meet the nutritional needs of cats, it is the first choice for shovel officers.
    usually feed 2-3 times a week. Those with conditions can also be fed daily, but they cannot replace the main food. They should not feed raw meat. Raw meat contains parasites, which is easily infected with cats and suffers from parasitic diseases.

    . Fish
    The fish is divided into many types. You can choose according to the economic conditions of the cat’s taste and the economic conditions of the shoveling officer.
    but pay attention to eating sea fish. Freshwater fish pay attention to desensitization to prevent cats from allergic problems. Avoid long -term consumption of sea fish, otherwise it will cause cat vitamin B deficiency.
    . The liver

    The liver is a special meat for cats. Most cats love the liver very much. In addition, the liver has a high iron content. Proper feeding of the liver can play an iron supplement. But do not let cats eat a large amount of liver or eat the liver for a long time, otherwise it will cause the problem of excessive vitamin A and imbalance of calcium and phosphorus.

  2. Chicken breasts, beef, rabbits, fish, eggs, eggs, etc. all have high protein, which are cats supplemented with nutritional preferred meat; they should be completely cooked before feeding these meats to prevent parasites and bacterial infections. You can also feed nutrient cream, sheep milk powder, canned cats to supplement nutrition.

  3. I think cats eat more fish, pork is okay, these meats contain a relatively high protein content, and they will not make cats allergic.

  4. Cats are pure meat animals, so high -protein meat is needed to meet daily needs. Beef, rabbit meat, fish meat, chicken breasts have high protein, but the meat needs to be cooked to prevent parasites, bones and thorns to remove. The cooked bones are very hard and will scratch their throats.

  5. Cats are mainly eating meat and want to supplement the cat’s nutrition. You can choose the meat; the liver, lean meat, fish, chicken breasts and other meats, pay attention to comprehensive nutrition

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