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  1. I received a very special task to put a snow leopard for one and a half -year -old snow leopard to the mountain forest.
    The is the case. One year ago, a local hunter dug a trap of beast -catching beast with more than three meters deep near the snow line of Gaoligong Mountain. He arrived, but he caught a little snow leopard for about half a year. The Orion took it home and fed it with milk. Snow leopard belongs to a cat family. The young leopard looks like a white Persian cat. It is very cute and very attractive. The hunter raises the little snow leopard as a cat, but it can also scare the mouse, and also fun with the owner. However, after a year of raising, the little snow leopard looked like a calf. Not only did it scare the mouse, but also the sheep chasing pigs, scaring poultry and livestock, and making it restless. The villagers with the hunter on weekdays reported the matter to the local public security bureau. Snow leopard was captured by humans because of precious fur, and the number was very scarce. According to the survey, they can still be seen near the snow line of the southern foot of the Gaoligong Mountains. The total number will not exceed two hundred. The national first -class protection of animals is strictly prohibited to capture. The hunter caught the snow leopard home to be a cat, which was obviously illegal and must be corrected. The forest of a team of alarm sticks ** opened the hunter's felt room where the hunter lived, and collected the little snow leopard together with the iron cage. According to regulations, illegally captured from the wild, the protected treasures and other beasts should be put back to the forest. I am an associate researcher at the Provincial Institute of Animal Research and is inspecting wild animals in the Gaoligong Mountains. As a result, the local public security bureau gave me this very special errand.

    I is happy to do this. I am interested in the snow leopard known as the "high mountain overlord" and is about to collect this material. I know that if you want to do this successfully, the difficulty is definitely not small, and the time may be pulled very long.

    In the imagination of ordinary people, putting a captured beast to the mountain forest is like putting a fish fishing back in the water. Take it to the mountain, open the cage, unbutton the restraint, and everything is good. This is not the case. I don't let go of this snow leopard, but to release this snow leopard. Although there is only one word to release and release, the nature and meaning are different. Going away is to find a film forest, open the cage, and let it go out. It is different for release. Not only to bring it to the mountains, but also to find an environment that suits it for it. Not only to open the cage but also, but also try to make it survive in the wild.

    If the local public security bureau is now handed over to my hands is wild poultry, eagle eagle, gold sculpture, and red -crowned cranes, let me release it nature, I will not have any fear. Wild poultry has wings and a strong sense of direction. As long as the bird cage comes to the area where the wild birds are out, find a general position, open the cage, the wild birds will shake the wings to the sky, quickly find and fly back to themselves familiar with themselves. Survival environment.

    If the local public security bureau now handed in my hand is crawling animals, pythons, crocodiles, giant lizards, let me release it nature, I will not have any uneasiness Feel. Captives are cold -blooded animals. After the mother beast produces eggs, it generally does not hold the nest, and is not responsible for raising the beasts. The fertilized eggs are hatched by natural temperature changes. Beasts do not seem to know their own beasts, because they do not need to learn anything from the pro -beasts. Their genes are copied with a set of survival passwords unique to the species. As time moves the body to grow up slowly, the password will be one of them one. One automatic decipher makes them have necessary behaviors to survive without a teacher. In other words, reptiles are born with the ability to forage, build nests, chosen spouses, fertility, etc., regardless of the release of the young cursive beasts, as long as it helps it to find a climate suitable for water source and food source, it will definitely be sure Can survive. The snow leopard is different.
    The snow leopard belongs to mammals, and mammals are the most advanced life forms of the entire earth biological sequence. One of the most obvious difference between mammals and other outline animals is that the innate survival skills are very limited. Most survival skills must be obtained through acquired learning. For a period of time after birth, mammalian children must rely on the mother's milk to survive. After weaning, they must also follow the mother beast to learn to eat, build nests, communication and other survival skills in order to grow up healthily and safely. Especially large and medium -sized meat -eating beasts, you need to stay with your mother for a long time to study complex hunting courses for a long time to have the ability to live independently. Research materials show that the little snow leopard is usually weaned after half a year old, but it will not leave the mother snow leopard to live alone until the age of two.
    This textbooks said that during the long life journey of Snow Leopard, the most important thing is half -year -old to one and a half years old. This is the golden age of learning survival skills. During this period , The imitation ability is the strongest. The mother snow leopard also started enlightenment education for the young, and took the young baby to go out for food to allow the young man to learn hunting knowledge by observing. During this period, all mother snow leopards had no disaster and no difficulties, and taught their own baby carefully, and if the young snow leopard also studied hard and worked hard to laid a good foundation for the happiness of life. It is easier to find rich food, more easy to get a compatible partner, and the probability of the descendants of the descendants is also greatly higher than the average level. On the other hand, if the mother snow leopard encounters natural disasters and human disasters, or the mother's responsibility is not strong, they are too lazy to teach teaching Or reduce the materials for the curriculum, and the young snow leopard is also lazy to study hard because of laziness. It is not easy to find a suitable spouse. Even if the child is born, the probability of survival is very low.

    The snow leopard I was going to release, and fell into the hunter's trap at the age of half years old. It has been a year since it is now. In other words, before receiving the enlightenment education, it became a prisoner of human beings, and missed the golden age of learning. It is impossible to imagine that a young snow leopard that has never learned the jungle survival skills with his mother snow leopard can adapt to the wild life as soon as he returns to the snow mountain dense forest, unless it is a god -style leopard. It only stayed in the wild for half a year, but it had lived for a whole year around human beings. The impression of life in the wild must be very weak. I would like to return to nature to make a wild snow leopard. Even if it is yearning for a free wild snow leopard, it is unknown whether it can adapt to the wild life. Anyway, if it is placed to the mountains like this, it is unlikely to survive in the snowy area.

    The special circumstances must be taken according to the special circumstances of the snow leopard you want to release, and a small snow leopard that grows around humans is returned to the mountain forest.

    A effective methods, planning to conduct wild training in the planned steps, so that it transforms from the semi -raised cat's pet pet state to a real alpine beast. But I know very little about Snow Leopard, but I have seen some introduction articles about Snow Leopard from the book. One half claws and lack of practical experience. Whether it can achieve the expected purpose is not at all.

    . Although I was happy to accept this special task, my heart was stunned with a stone.

    The snow leopard is very different from ordinary leopard. The fur of ordinary mountain leopard is yellow or sauce red, decorated with dark brown money or ring -shaped spotted patterns. Compared, it looks mottled and messy. Snow leopard's fur is silver -white, the abdomen and limbs are white, and the hair on the back is tidy and neat. It is decorated with a circle of light yellow patterns, light and clear, with a fluffy large tail, which is pleasing. Treasure.
    we are going to release a female snow leopard. The hunter who supports it names it is the snow demon. The name is good, very appropriate and loud. I decided not to change its name and still call it a snow demon. Coincidentally, the hired Tibetan guide Johnba, the hired Tibetan guide, was snowing at the southern foot of the Mountains in Gaoligong. We decided to be a wicked and scolded it to try to alienate feelings.

    The wild animal observation station near the line, which is only one ravine separated by the hunter caught the trap dug by the snow demon. A relay station from human society to the jungle world. The southern foot of the Gaoligong Mountain is a vague geographical concept. It refers to the entire mountain range and a Nujiang Canyon, which is more than 100 kilometers long. The area is less than 500 square kilometers. The top of the mountain is the snow that does not turn all year round. The gentle hillside is half snow -capped and half of the pasture is covered. The ditch of the mountains and valleys is deep and dense, as well as the vast and boundless Lumal Prairie. There are many snow -eating animals such as rock sheep, Tibetan antelopes, Malu, and hare. This is a national nature reserve. There are no villages or no smoke in Fangyuan Baili. It is the ideal habitat of Snow Leopard.

    The local public security bureau helped me hire six migrant workers and a dog sled, and transported the snow demon together with the iron cage to the wildlife observation station. Our observation station is located under the wall of the back wind, with steep cliffs on both sides. The other two sides use the thick round wood of the bowl to build a strong fence. There is a dark green military tent inside. castle. We put the iron cage in the steep rock behind the tent, and a layer of birch bark was covered on it, which is the temporary nest of the snow demon.

    . My specific idea is to let the snow demon stand on the Wildlife Observation for a while to adapt to the climate and environment here, gradually transition to the wild state, and finally return to the forest.

    The snow demon is one and a half years old. It is a circle smaller than an adult snow leopard. It has not been fully developed and mature. It should be regarded as a girl's snow leopard. It looks very flattering, round ears and short faces, nose kisses like ink jade, eyes are like sapphire, long hair with thick backs and silver -shaped silver, and the body is slender and streamlined.

    The beginning of the beginning, Snow Demon is still a little strange to me and Qiangba, hiding in the iron cage, not to feed it, and we must wait for us to leave the iron cage and return to the tent before willing eat. But a week later, it was very familiar with us. As soon as it called its name, it would shake the fluffy leopard tail and ran over to rub our trouser legs. When feeding it, it would be friendly. Blowing our "whine", after eating, touching its back with your hands, it will roll on the ground, shrink the sharp finger claw into the claw sheath, and use a soft paw palm to grab our legs, and and with the soft claws. We are playing.

    . Perhaps the wild life is too boring. Observation station is too lonely. Johnba always loves to make snow monsters play. Then hold the beef to train the snow demon to make upright, rolling, flat, rotating and other actions. Johnba is a hunter who has been in the mountains for many years. He likes to deal with animals. According to his own bragging, the native dogs who are in vain will also become a good hunting dog who gallop the hunting garden. It is strange to say that in a few days, Snow Demon learned several acrobatics. As soon as Qiangba drank, it would perform as interested in Johnba. "How?" Johnba said to me proudly, "It is either bragging or the most fierce Bangladesh tiger in my hands, and it will be round and round, and it will be flat and turn into a obedient good cat. . "

    . If he doesn't say this, I still can't realize the seriousness of the problem. As soon as he said this, I immediately felt alert, thought about it, and said to him seriously: "Qiangba, from now on, you will never train it to do these unknown actions. Oh, please don't be playing with it anymore, don't be too close and kind to it."
    " You ... "Qiangba stared at his eyes in surprise," Why are you? "
    " It is very simple, we are not raising a cat, nor to train an excellent animal actor for the circus. Our The purpose is to make it a normal wild snow leopard. "I said," Have you ever seen which wild snow leopard in the world is so close to others? The wild snow leopard should be afraid of people, avoid people, and maintain certain people to maintain certain people, maintain a certain amount of people with others for certain Far. "

    "Do you want me to scold it to alienate it? "You don't have to scold it to beat it, but the attitude must be cold. To let it understand, if it leaves us, it will live a faster life. You are right, you have to alienate it so that it will develop an independent spiritual character. Believe me, this is good for it, which can promote it to return to the jungle as soon as possible to adapt to the wild life. "

    " You may make sense. "Qiangba cried and said," Well, I listen to you. "

    I. After this, Qiangba and I have a 180 -degree turn on Snow Demon, no longer playing with it, and no longer touching its back. When things, throw the meat into the food basin, and turn it coldly and leave, don't care if it is grateful to us to throw the fluffy leopard tail. It pushed it away roughly. If it was unknowingly and wanted to get together, we scolded it loudly and kicked it out with your feet. The reason to control his emotions, knowing that although his behavior is contrary to affection, the starting point is not bad, so it is very calm and feel guilty. Qiangba is different. He is a bloody Tibetan man. Who is right? Her hey, he can't wait to take out his heart to the other party. The snow demon was extremely harmonious a few days ago. Suddenly, he asked him to turn his face and not recognize the "person". The same thing is that the psychological disorders are too great. When it is time to scold, the face rises and scolds. When it is time to use his feet, the feet with muscle weakness are soft. I said to him dissatisfied: "Qiangba, are you accusing it of scolding it, or singing us to decide to be a wicked, fight it and scold it, trying to alienate feelings with it. Listening to the love song? If your tone is scolding it, it will be scolded by you; are you kicking it with your feet, or are you using your hind paw to give it itchy? If you are kicking it, your heart will be closer and closer to you. "Qiang Ba's mouth seemed to be stuffed with a large number of Coptis chinensis, and the whole face was wrinkled like a bitter gourd, murmured," It's nothing wrong, I ... I think people are meaty. I can't bear to hurt it for no reason. "I said," I can understand your mood. To be honest, I am also very painful to be a bad person who is not close, but you have to understand that the snow demon is one and a half years old. Snow Leopard will no longer love it like the newborn child, and it is time to be cold and alienated. "

    It I have a scientific basis. According to the field of field inspection, the emotion between cats and animals gradually fades over time, which is roughly divided into five stages. When the child was born when he was born, the child was born. , Mother Beast loves the deepest, holding kisses in her arms, and she must not be reluctant to leave, which is called a love period; after the milk is broken, take care of them carefully, and do everything possible to hunt the best food to feed her baby. The young campaign combed the fur, which is called a doting period; after the young crickets were full of age, they began to follow the mother beast to study and hunt. Along the way, the mother and beasts looked forward to the grass, and when the wind and the grass moved, they hurried to hide the baby. In his warm arms, but no longer a few times a day, licking the fur for them several times, called the love period; the young child is about one year old and half -age, and has certain defense capabilities. When they are in a hurry to find the Six Gods, sleep at night with the young custard branches, which is called the relaxation period of love; when the young leopard grows to the age of two, the mother beast except to share the food hunting with the young leopard to share with the young leopard. No longer stay with the young leopard at other times. If the young baby sticks to the mother beast to coquettishly, the mother beast will roar impatiently and kicked the young leopard away. The abolition period. These five stages are important, and there is no indispensable. It is the emotional process that life from childish to mature. If there is no love period, the young custard cannot survive; if there is no doting period, the young custard cannot get a sound mind; Without a period of love, the young custard cannot thrive; if there is no relaxation period of love; the young custard cannot get rid of childishness and gradually mature; if there is no abolition period of love; Weak meat and strong food jungle.

    In judgment from age, Snow Demon has passed the relaxation period of love to enter the abolition period of love, so I think it is not appropriate to play with it.

    "I hope you are right. "Qiangba said," I scolded it a little bit fiercely in the future. "Because we adopted a sparse attitude, a few days later, the Snow Demon was cold with us. After eating, we no longer ran to follow us to be crazy with us, but squatted quietly in front of the wooden fence, overlooking the woods, and looking at the woods. , Mountains, snow and grasslands, there is a light that jumps out of the fence to yearn for freedom. This is completely coincided with the behavior characteristics of wild snow leopards. According to the book, when the small snow leopard grows to one and a half years old, after the little snow leopard grows to one and a half years old, after the age of one and a half years old, after the age of one and a half years old, after the age of one and a half years old, after the age of one and a half years old, after the age of one and a half years old, after the age of one and a half years old, after the age of one and a half years old, after the age of one and a half years old, it is one and a half years old. No longer nostalgia, the nest that lives with the mother snow leopard will gradually germinate the idea of ​​running away from home.

    I decided to bring snow demon to hunting together to see if it can find and capture food by itself. This is It is the key to whether it can be independent or not. For wild animals, the most important content in life is to seek food that can maintain life. N If the snow demon never left the snowy jungle, it is the wild snow leopard of the authentic and authentic. At this stage, it should be a powerful assistant when the mother snow leopard hunting. His knowledge has been learned. Although the hunting skills are not as good as adult snow leopard, you can get prey with your own strength. According to the book, some mature snow leopards have left the mother Leopard No. 1 at the age of two years of age. Once hunting, the snow demon yelled, scared the prey away from the self -standing portal. Just across the wooden fence of the observation station, the snow demon roared excitedly, throwing the fluffy and beautiful tail, and the trees were gone. It was. Qiangba asked without worry: "Will it go back? "I smiled and said," If it really doesn't come back from then on, it is a happy event for us to drink a cup, which can save us a lot of trouble. You don't have to worry about it. It has no ability to live independently for the time being. It can't live after leaving us. It will not run far. "

    I said that this is well -founded. In the wild, the little snow leopard must learn how to find a safe nest, learn how to find food, and practice several times in the jungle to confirm that I have no mother snow leopard leopard With the help of the help, you can get food, so that you will part ways with the mother snow leopard. Survival dependence is the most powerful attractiveness. The sound of the snow demon came, and I walked over with Johnba. It shrank under the root of the tree, staring at the scary eyes, and my body trembled. I touched its head and said, "Don't naughty, don't be naughty, don't be naughty, Go with us! "It got up, opened up about ten meters away from us, and followed us to Yunshan Ping.

    This has a significant difference between cats and dogs. When going out, if it is a dog, it will follow the master like a shadow. Even if there is any abnormal movement on the roadside, it attracts its attention and runs out to see the excitement, but as long as the owner sips, he will run quickly and run away quickly. Come to the owner; the cat family is different. Whether it is a cat or a mountain leopard or a tiger, it will keep a distance from the owner when going out, call it, it will not come. We use Yunshanping as a training ground for the snow demon hunting because it has three favorable conditions: it is a typical alpine grassland, the pastoral grass is rich. Come to eat grass; surrounded by lush spruce forests, which facilitates the snow demon to use the cat family to secretly approach the specialty of the prey; the grassland is stranded in shape, about seven kilometers in the north and south, flat and open, and it is easy .

    The luck is good. As soon as I came to Yunshan Forest, I heard "呦" Lu Ming. I raised the telescope and looked at it. The location is about 300 meters. The distance between the three hundred meters is divided into two sections. The first two hundred meters are the woods and the last hundred meters are the grassland. As long as we pay attention to the hidden, do not make a sound, do not shock the deer group, and quietly pass through two through two through two. After the grassland, after arriving at the grassland, the snow demon suddenly launched an attack, which may be poured down a horse deer.

    heard the sound of Lu Ming, and the snow demon rushed to us a few steps. I have never seen it so excited, the leopard ears are constantly trembling, the eyes are shining like the electricity, the tail is lively like a small loach, and the ground is constantly jumping on the ground. Snow demon hidden the first hunting for predatory predatory, the snow demon screamed, scaring the prey to the instinct of the prey, and there was a strong hunting impulse. I think it is healthy for animals like snow leopard The psychological expression is also the most basic psychological quality of it in the future.

    . I and I have a waist with Qiangba cat, ready to touch this group of horse deer with the snow demon. , Snow Demon's neck suddenly stood up, and he shouted. A long distance separated from a distance, a roar was equivalent to reporting to these Ma Lu obligations: there is a fierce snow leopard to catch you, and run away! Hold the back of the snow demon's back, grabbing the shoulder bag carried with the other hand, and blocked the open leopard mouth. The snow demon struggled, and the corner of the mouth made a slight "wow" sound, and finally forced it to force it Put the roar back to the belly. It probably feels that Johnba grabbing its neck skin and blocking its mouth with a shoulder bag belongs to an unfriendly offensive behavior. He took a step back, turned his head to bite Qianba's wrist, scared Johnba to hurry up and let it go. , Remove its back neck skin. Its copper bells look at Qiangba angrily, and a bunch of roar emitted deep in the throat of "Guru", as if protesting the rudeness of Qiangba.

    "Hey, I don’t want to hurt you intentionally," Johnba pointed to the deer group that was eating grass on the grassland, lowered the sound and face Yueye said, "You can't roar, Ma Lu's hearing is very spiritual, and he will scare your cry away. You have to walk quietly, the better the footsteps, so that you can catch the horse deer. "

    In order to make the snow demon understand him, he also imitated the posture of the snow leopard with his limbs, ghostly spying and crawling in a stomach. The kindness of Ba is still grinning very fierce. Suddenly, it rushed out of it, taking a big strike without hesitation, rushing towards the horse deer groups on the grassland. The blast is born with a bushes. Its body hit the branches, and the vines are broken, ping -pong, and can be heard by three miles away. What's worse, it seems that it is afraid that the deer group does not know it is coming. There is also a roar emitted. Ma Lu is a timid animal. The hearing is very sensitive. Before the snow demon rushed out of the woods, the deer group turned and ran away. When the snow demon ran into the grassland, the deer group had escaped. How far the kilometers are, I hope a group of dust quickly moves towards the valley in the distance. The snow demon chased after another. Soon, the deer group drilled into the deep porcema of the grass, disappearing without a trace. Pakistan rushed to Yunshanping and found a snow demon in a rhododendron. It was about the first severe exercise, lying on the ground, the breasts were violently undulating, and the mouth was breathing.

    Strong, among the large beasts, the speed of running is second only to African cheetah, which can reach 70 kilometers per hour, but the endurance is limited. It is a veritable sprinter. The best pursuit distance is about one kilometer. Within the distance, the snow leopard can chase the prey at 70 kilometers per hour. When this distance, it is breathless, and the speed slows down. Therefore, the snow leopard usually uses a strange attack to hunt food. Taking a mess, after scaring the prey away, use the terrain and ground to quietly approach the goal, as close as possible, and then flutter to the panic's prey with a thunderbolt, and strive to pour the prey in the shortest time. Prematurely It was exposed and frightened the prey. It was the hunting taboo of Snow Leopard.
    "What a good opportunity, let it ruin. "Johnba said," If it listens to me, running out of the woods lightly, don't roar, and will not be too tired to be busy. "

    " Can it understand what you said? " "I said," You are the standard playing piano against Niu. "Then what do you say?" "Only by letting it try a few more times, failure is the mother of success. It may learn from it, explore a little experience, and learn how to approach the prey in a secret way. "I thought about it. I tried it a few more times in a row with Qiangba, went to Shenyangling to hunt the rock sheep, went to the wild boar by the Nu River, and chased the Tibetan antelope near the snow mountain mouth. Unfortunately, the snow demon seemed to be. Lack of the ability to summarize experience, every time I still start to impact recklessly when the prey is far away, and I also emit an unnecessary roar. Nothing with it.

    The most terrible thing is that after several miscarriage hunting, Snow Demon seems to be more and more interested in chasing grass and beasts. These sensitive grass -eating beasts are getting more and more confident. They take it to the hunting ground and see the prey from a distance. Overlooking lightly, there is no passion or impulse in the eyes. Let it hunt, it chased a few steps, once the prey sprinkled with legs, he converged. Antelope, it is bustling for hard work, I don't want to spend wrongdoing. "Looking at the snow demon lying on the ground lazily, Qiangba smiled bitterly.

    It I was in a heavy mood. From the perspective of animal psychology, the failure stimulus again and again will accumulate into failure. Psychological setting will form a lesion in the cerebral cortex. If you encounter similar herbivores in the future, psychological hints will occur, and conditional reflex will be formed. I can't catch them up. I can't catch them. Its confidence is depleted, inferiority has risen, becoming a psychological disease, which will have a very harmful impact on future life. When this failure psychological setting is just revealed, it must be reversed in time. It is to try to make the snow demon successfully hunt once. The gloriousness of the victory can effectively dispel the haze that is shrouded in the failure of the heart. When it successfully poured a Tibetan antelope, the other Tibetan antelopes fled in panic. It sucks the hot sheep blood. To tear the fresh lamb, the joy and pride of predators will definitely rise to the predator, and the self -confidence suddenly doubles, and the memories of the failure can be cleaned.

    The snow demon yelled, scaring the prey away, I said my thoughts, and Johnba immediately agreed: "To get it. Dogs who were bitten by wolves several times, seeing the dry wolf skin trembled; dogs who had been bite the evil wolf, and saw the shadow of the wolf, would bravely rush up to fight with the wolf. It is the taste that should be achieved by the snow demon. Even if there is only one time, it is very good for it. "

    The question is, how to let the snow demon flutter the agile herbivores?

    strong bars to shoot the legs of the prey with a shotgun, and run naturally after the prey injury. Not fast, so the snow demon can catch up with the prey and pour it down. I thought about it, and I felt that this method was not appropriate. First of all, the prey that Snow Leopard was interested in almost no exception was the "Wildlife Protection Law" clearly clear The protection object, because it is a wildlife itself, it is not limited by this law. Whether it is the first type of protecting animal Tibetan antelope or the second type of protection of animal rock sheep, it is not a criminal to catch killing. Once, we are people. Fire shooting wild animals protected by the country are undoubtedly a criminal act that violates the law, especially me, as zoologists, knowing that they are criminals, and the sin is added. Second, the sound of gunfire sounds. Snow demon must also be frightened. Maybe he suspended the chase, or fled to a certain place to hide, wouldn't it be a lamb without eating and causing a fishy? Third, even if we can find a reason to hide the sense of crime, After the sound of gunfire sounded, the snow demon was not very frightened, and the prey was knocked down. This method of Yueyue was also a problem. Will it have a dependence on thought? Anyway, when the mountains are exhausted, there are always nobles to help. But do you want to do your best to fight? You know, it is impossible for someone to return to the jungle in the future, and it is no longer possible to help it to shoot the prey for it to slaughter it.

    too long.... ..........

  2. Shen Shixi, formerly known as Shen Yiming, was born between Shanghai Pavilion in 1952 and was born in Cixi, Zhejiang. In 1969, he went to Xishuangbanna and lived in the Yunnan frontier for 18 years. In 1972, he was a teacher in the local mountain elementary school. In 1980, he was engaged in amateur literary creation. He is currently a professional creator of the creation room of the Chengdu Military Region Political Department, a member of the Chinese Writers Association, and a director of the Shanghai Writers Association. Creation is mainly animal novels, and more than 5 million words have been published. He has won a variety of awards such as the National Outstanding Children's Literature Award of the Chinese Writers Association, the Chinese Book Award, the Bingxin Children's New Writer Award, and the Taiwan Yangthao Children's Literature Award. Known as the "King of Animal Novels".

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