3 thoughts on “Does the essential oil at home have a bad effect on the cat?”

  1. Won’t.
    Essential oils are obtained by plants, and the body will be naturally metabolized. As long as it is used properly, it will not cause burden on the body, but artificial fragrance will remain in the body, and it will also cause the body to cause disease.
    Although essential oils can be used every day, the same essential oil should not be used for a long time, because it may accumulate too much in the body, it will have adverse effects, and use too frequently to make the body passivation of this essential oil, and lose the curative effect. Essence
    Pucting information:
    In precautions for using essential oils
    1, cannot be used directly (lavender, tea tree can be directly used on the skin with small doses, small area directly)
    High, unless there is a person under the guidance of a special person, only sampling grass and tea trees can be directly used by essential oils, which can be directly applied to the body directly with pure essential oils, which can easily cause excessive dosage or too much stimulation of the skin.
    2, dosage
    The dosage used should not exceed 5%. Generally speaking, the average 10ml essential oil can drip about 200D, so the 5%concentration is about 10D. If you want to prepare basic oil, the 10ml base oil drips less than 10 drops of essential oil is a safe dose.
    3, deployment
    The compound essential oil used by manufacturers, there is no problem with the deployment. If you like to prepare yourself, please note that each time should not exceed 3 essential oils, and the compound is safer than the unilateral.
    4, allergic test
    people with allergies must do allergies.
    5. Avoid confusion
    The essential oils are imported from abroad and domestic ones.
    6. Avoid eating by mistakes
    The carefully stored, do not let children eat them by mistake.
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  2. Cats and dogs are more developed, so they are even more sensitive to products such as aromatherapy. But don’t be afraid, if you are using a natural incense that is not damaged to people, there is no damage to people, of course, it is okay to cat. Teach you to identify pure aromatherapy and chemical aromatherapy products. If the pure aromatherapy products are heard, they will not be particularly fragrant, and they are very elegant fragrance. If you feel that the fragrance is too irritating to the nose, then you must consider whether this is a real natural aromatherapy. After opening or flavored aromatherapy, the taste is the same elegant and comfortable, which makes people feel happy. I won’t feel dizzy for a long time. The feeling of disgusting is natural aromatherapy, but it is artificial chemistry. Once smoked incense in a certain treasure, the fragrance of pure handmade. Elegant and fresh, all made of pure Chinese herbal medicine. Anyway, you should pay attention to identification so that you will not harm the human body and cats, I hope you can adopt it.

  3. Do not use it. Most essential oils are harmful to cats, which may cause poisoning. Lack of enzymes in the cat’s body cannot metabolize essential oils. Do not use it for the health of cats!

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