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  1. The cost of cat raising is closely related to personal income. If your economic conditions are not very good, then cats can only spend about 200 yuan a month to raise cats. Of course, if your economic conditions are not bad, then cats will cost about 300 yuan a month. Add cats, cat snacks, toys, then the cat can make cats very good in about 500 yuan a month.
    The instructions
    Generally, it is not recommended to feed cats to drink sheep milk. First of all, the nutritional structure of milk powder for people and pets is different. Long -term feeding can easily lead to abnormal malnutrition such as cats; short -term feeding is likely to stimulate cat's gastrointestinal tract, which causes abnormal symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms Essence
    It is recommended to feed pet -dedicated goat milk powder. At the same time, pets for pets are recommended to use warm water flushing. Do not use boiling water or overheated water to avoid destroying the nutrients. In the process of feeding goat milk powder, we must ensure that cats have sufficient drinking water to avoid dried stools. Finally, with the increase of cats, it is recommended to gradually increase the amount of feeding of milk cake food during milk, so as to provide sufficient energy for cats.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question [Happy], I need a little time editing to give you the content of the reply ~ Thank you for your understanding. Thank younHello, usually around 1000-2000. 1. Cat food (expenditure is about 150 yuan). Generally, it is enough for cats to feed 4-5 pounds of cat food for 4-5 pounds a month. 2. Canned food (about 50 yuan), canned food is usually given two cans a week. There are 12 cans in a certain treasure! 3. Cat litter (about 20 yuan) Personally think that the puffed earth cat litter is better and the sand texture is relatively lighter. In this way, the cat's foot feels better, so that the nature of the cat's love buried here can be exerted here. 4. Health care (about 20 yuan) health care categories include cleaning liquid, toothbrushes, ear mites, etc. These things are relatively durable, and it costs very little to the month.nDo you think there are other needed me to help?nI hope the above answers are helpful to you [Happy] ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it [Laughs] ~ Thank you here for [you know]nMore 2nBleak

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