1 thought on “How to take a video tutorial for cats, how to take a bath for the cat and not be bite”

  1. 1. Before taking a bath, you need to prepare pets with bath fragrances, water absorption towels, ordinary towels, and water blowers and hair dryers.

    2. You need to shorten the bath time as much as possible to avoid cats cold.

    3. The specific steps are as follows: First adjust the water temperature. Generally, warm water is recommended, and then slowly wet the cat's hair with water. The nozzle faces the cat.

    . Then apply bath fragrance waves throughout the body, usually knead for 1 to 3 minutes, and then rinse it with water.

    5. Third, use a water absorption towel to wipe off the excess water, and then wrap the cat with a normal towel to blow water.

    6. If the cat's bathing process is relatively resistant, it is recommended to step by step to increase the cat's adaptation time, and it is not necessary to make violence.

    7. If necessary, you can bring to the pet shop to take a bath.

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