5 thoughts on “Cat dirty or dog dirty”

  1. The cat is dirty, the cat is good for a long night, and it is a master of mouse catching. There are many bacteria on the mouse. There are many infectious diseases on the cat that can be transmitted to humans, so I think the cat is dirty.

  2. The dog is dirty, whether it is a family dog ​​or a pet dog, the wild cat is dirty, and the cats outside must be very wild. I have a pet cat never go out, and the door will not go out. I am afraid that I will get dirty my feet. , Stay in the house, the cat will take care of the hair by himself and love clean.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, cats and people are more dirty, but if you are brisk, people can also be particularly clean. In summer, cat's sweat glands are mainly in the palm of the feet and will not sweat throughout the body. The hot hair that looks very hot will help cats isolate ultraviolet rays and burning sunlight, so that cats are very comfortable, so cats will not be dirty, but people have a lot of sweat so they need to take a bath. This will become clean.nThank you for questions

  4. Pet cats, pet dogs clean hair, clean hair, clean hair, feed clean food, and prevent injections. Cats and dogs will not be dirty.

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