Cats eat cat food? Cats are anorexia, what should I do if I do n’t eat cat food?

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  1. Cats may not eat cat food, it may become a picky eaters, or cat food does not meet the appetite of the cat, or the cat’s indigestion causes no appetite to eat cat food. There are many reasons that cause cats to not eat cat food. The pet owner can find out the reason before solving.
    1. Cat food does not match the appetite
    Cats are carnivores, so when choosing cat food for cats, the pet owner must buy cats with high meat content for cats. Cats eat cheap low -quality cat food. The meat content of these cat food is small, and cats naturally do not like to eat.
    2. Cat picky
    If the pet owner usually likes to feed cat snacks, canned cats, or meat foods that some people eat. Eat cat food. The pet owner must usually reduce the feeding of these foods, and the staple food must be mainly cat food.
    3. Cat digestion
    The digestive problems will also affect the cat’s appetite. If the cat is too mixed before the cat, the stomach accumulates and bloates, it will also affect its subsequent appetite. This will also affect its subsequent appetite. You can feed it some meow dispellations to help it supplement the intestinal beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes, which can be fed with yogurt.
    4. Cat is sick
    If the cat not only does not eat cat food, but the mental state is not good, it may be the cat sick, what kind of disease is, this requires the owner to take the cat to the pet hospital for examination and check and check and check it and check it and check it and check it and check it and check it. Treatment, cats can return to normal appetite after treatment.

  2. It may also be because the cat food has been placed for too long, the cat’s nose is very good, and it is also very sensitive to the smell. Especially in the rainy days and hot summer, dry cat food and wet food are particularly easy to deteriorate. Xiaobian suggested that the pork shovelers building materials for cat food. If there is a place where the cat food bags are leaked, the cat food may be deteriorated, and the shoveling officers need to re -open a bag of cat food for the cat.

    I we can also spend a little bit of money to beautify cat food to make cat food more delicious and attract cats to eat. After all, we human beings have only one kind of thing for a long time to feel boring and tasteless, let alone cats! We can use warm water to feed the cat food softly to make the taste of cat food better out. Or put the small fish dried firewood fish in a clean small cloth bag and put it in a cat food bag for a night. Have a appetite to eat cat food.

    If the cat’s stomach is not good, how can we change cat food and how to process cat food, cats will not be interested in eating. At this time, it is necessary to give the cat some “healthy stomach slices”. Its role is to help regulate the stomach and intestines, improve picky food, increase appetite, and promote digestion.

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