5 thoughts on “Can cats eat hamster snacks?”

  1. Cats may eat hamsters. In the past, cats caught mice, which was completely used as a skill that a cat had to have, but now pet cats have sufficient cat food and delicious snacks. Hamsters are undoubtedly a moving toy for them, but for the cat family It is best to breed hamsters. If you don’t pay attention to it, you may be a little life -threatened by the hamster.

  2. As long as he likes to eat hamster snacks, he can eat him, and hamsters can be eaten or eaten, because the hamster’s snacks are poisonous, and it is also possible to eat cats. of.

  3. Cats are different from hamsters, and their food components are different. Hams of hamsters will have melon seeds, dried fruits, etc. in the food, and some things can not be eaten, such as dried fruits. Meow is not all fruits that can be eaten by all fruits that can be eaten by all fruits. Essence If you eat hamster food for a long time, you will be malnourished or bad.

  4. Cats cannot eat hamster snacks, because of these two things, they will cause the stomach to be bad after eating too much together.

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