Will the cat spread the plague?

My cat caught the mouse a few days ago. This morning he might have been on the kitchen. At noon, the family cut cucumber on the cutting board at noon. Friends who know, help help, tell me! Thanks!

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  1. Cats will spread the plague.
    The intermediate medium of the plague is rat flea. When a cat captures the mouse, the rat flea may jump to the cat’s body, and then reach the next place through the cat to achieve the purpose of spreading.
    Mochia is a strong infectious disease that the plague is mainly spread by rats. It is a natural epidemic disease that is widely popular among wild rodents. Bleeding tendency, lung inflammation, etc. The plague is contagious. If it is not treated, the mortality rate is as high as 30%to 60%.
    Plikes are a natural epidemic disease. Its natural epidemic places are distributed in more than 60 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, and America. The three most popular countries are Madagascar, the Democratic Republic and Peru of the Congo.
    This in my country currently has 12 types of plague natural epidemic sources, mainly in Tibet and Qinghai, and other areas are also emitted.
    The communication path
    1. Passing through flea bites.
    2. The first case of human plague is caused by flea biting. Direct contact spread.
    3. Humans are infected directly in the infection of infected animals by hunting, slaughtering, peeling, and carnivores. Eating an unsatisfactory plague and dead animals (such as marmot, rabbit, Tibetan sheep, etc.) can occur. It spreads through the droplet.
    4. Patients or animal respiratory tract secretions contain a large amount of plague bacteria, forming bacterial particles and air -soluble, causing the spread of lung plague. Laboratory infection.
    5. Infection due to poor protection, improper operation and laboratory accidents.
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    Baidu Encyclopedia-Plague

  2. Tell you clearly, no.
    Plashing is mainly the spread of plague bacteria borrowing rats, and it is a disease that is popular between wild rodents.

  3. Generally, plague is called adenoral plague. It is usually infected by contact with patients with contact infection and dingling poisoned mice (people are dangled by fleas) and do not pass on breathing (that is, not infected by air).

    The lung plague is mainly hidden in small animals, internal organs such as mice, civets, and marmot, and cats and snakes such as cats and snakes eating these animals. Lung Robin (including SARS) virus germs, like a cold virus, can be transmitted through breathing and air (including cornea infection), so it will be transmitted in the same room or the same small transportation as the patient.

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