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  1. Many people now like to raise some pet dogs or pet cats at home. In fact, we all know that if such small animals do not pay attention to hygiene, there will be many germs on the body. Many people will have red dots on their bodies after raising pet cats or pet dogs, and itchy, why?

    The itchy dots on the body after raising cats, how to do a small bag and itchy for cats

    It some may be allergies. Try it with anti -allergies first. Kai Ruitan and the like. Look at it or not.

    The itchy dots on the body after raising cats, how to do a small bag on the cat and itchy. R n The disadvantages of cats to people

    1. The hair of the cat's hair, dandruff and stool evaporation is the ingredient of allergies to many people. Medicine is called allergens. Allergies caused by pollen, animals, molds, medicines, etc. make people snot and tears, sneezing continuous, nasal stuffy eyes itchy, uncomfortable all day, uncomfortable. Affect work, life and study. Treatment of drugs can also bring many side effects, such as dozing. Even if it does not cause sleeping anti -allergic medicine, there are side effects and expensive.

    The itchy dots on your body after raising the cat. What to do if the cat is a small bag and itchy. It can cause the so -called "cat to catch the disease" by being scratched by his skin. Children usually occur between children and are more common between August and January. Frequent red spots, pimples or raisins appeared in the damage of the cat for 7-12 days, and then became pustules and hardened. This is because a club -shaped bacteria containing the cat's claws invade the skin surface and subcutaneous tissue through the damaged skin, which causes local purulent sexy dyeing. It can often cause the neck and axillary lymphadenopathy. Accompanied by fever, fatigue, joint swelling, arthritis, arthritis, etc., rare severe infection reaction cases may occur on granulomatocytosis, platelet reduction purpura, and central nervous system symptoms.

    3. Young women who are particularly intended or pregnant during the fertility period: Excessive contact cats can cause a systemic infection disease called bow parasitic disease. Especially developing central nervous system in the body causes encephalitis and brain abscess, necrotic brain tissue damage. For those who are mild, they can cause dementia, eye damage, hepatoblasty, and severe cases of congenital bow in the fetus, abortion, or premature birth in the fetus. Purgal infection. Especially in the early stages of pregnancy (within 12), its infection is most harmful to the fetus, and about 50 % can infect the fetus in the palace.

  2. After raising a cat, there are a lot of red dots on your body. The first you have to check whether there are parasites on the kitten, and take a good measure for insect repellent. The other may also be that you are allergic to the cat.

  3. After raising a cat, there are many small red dots on your body. First of all, you need to clean the pets and completely disinfect it and go to the pet hospital to take insecticides. It is best to isolate the pet from the human life. Then go to the hospital for related testing, whether it is allergic to the hair of pets.

  4. First, allergies are usually susceptible to allergies, especially patients with rhinitis are allergic to cat hair. Sneezing, cough, nasal congestion, redness of eyelids, and itching of skin mobilization will occur. You can do a good job of daily hygiene disinfection and cleaning, groom the cat to take care of and purify the air to slow down the symptoms. Second, the cat has fleas and lice, causing indirect infection and biting. Regularly do insect repellent work for cats and change the cat's nest frequently. Third, fungal infections, cats have cat ringworm, often contacting cats without washing their hands, or people with poor resistance.

  5. After raising a cat, there are many small red dots on their bodies. Considering skin allergies, it is recommended to use some dermatitis and plastic cream. Try it first.

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