Seeking what kind of dogs are for identification, some people say that it is a Tibetan hunting dog?

5 thoughts on “Seeking what kind of dogs are for identification, some people say that it is a Tibetan hunting dog?”

  1. In terms of nature, this kind of dog is a string (hybrid dog — puppy parental information is further evaluated

    The history of these dogs in China
    Products! (So far) -The folk customs of the domestic beauty of the domestic beauty- (long hair. Short hair) The folk customs of the long hair of the Haba dog also called the lion dog and the Beijing dog is characterized by the Beijing dog. The name of purebred dog breed

    The early domestic pet dogs! Mainly small long hair dogs! Tens of thousands of starting! After the Beijing dog’s flooding (hybrid Tibetan hound) introduced by the Shih Tzu and Butterfly Dogs, the Beijing Dog of the Palace of the Palace of the Dogs of Tibetan Dogs is sold as a purebred! At that time, I didn’t care so much about the concept of purebred! All kinds of hybrids! After the market eliminated! Few a few dogs specifically for these dog breeding breeding! So now the market is not easy to find pure seeds and butterfly dogs …
    It the second allocation The Bomei Silver Fox Carthade Malzis Instal Sausa introduced by the small dog has begun to appear at this time to introduce Jizhuai with the distorted market values ​​of small precious markets! In recent years, the puzzle Sherry Dog (various stalk dogs) Corgi dogs and other

    The domestic Lhasa dog Beijing dog Tibetan Dog Dogs and other domestic domestic Planting cultivation! Foreign cultivation will be introduced and returned to China …
    The attached list can tell you what dogs are messenger and or dog replies! These people’s cognitive ability is not D! (Quite complicated) Didn’t you look at what it looks like! This kind of blind guessing dog dealer behavior is extremely irresponsible ….

  2. Not pure, skewers
    The Tibetan hunting dogs are actually like Beijing -Pakistan. Many people will mistakenly think that it is Beijingba’s string and discard it.

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