2 thoughts on “Introduction to the work of “Black Cat” in Ellenbo, a little more detailed”

  1. Introduction: In the novel “Black Cat”, “I” dug out the pet black cat at home because of becoming a alcoholic, and then hanged it. With the mood of regret, “I” adopted a one -eyed black cat who did not know the way. Because the cat was always “followed by my footsteps”, “made me down”, and the ax picked up to kill in one breath. Cat, his wife blocked “I”, “I” killed his wife and built the body into the wall. Unexpectedly, the black cat was also built into the wall. When the police came to the cellar to check, the call of the black cat made the police find evidence of killing his wife.
    “Black Cat”: It is one of the short stories of American writer Ellen Po. It tells a person’s psychological fear of black cats. The writer writes a cat, but it is manifested by the man; the man kills cats or cats and kills people, but the main performance is “killing” people; “Love” and “Hate” shows the “love” and “hate” between people and nature, and it really highlights the symbolic meaning of the image of black cats -reflection on morbid personality.
    Edgar Allan Poe, born on January 19, 1809, died on October 7, 1849. American writers, poets, editors and literary critics, American romance, American romance Important members during the trend of ideology. Po is famous for mysterious stories and horror novels. He is one of the earliest pioneers of short stories in the United States. He is also honored as the originator of the novel of reasoning novels, and is also known as the ancestor of later science fiction novels. He was the first well -known American writer who tried to rely on writing to make a living, which led to poverty.

  2. “Black Cat” is one of the famous terror novels in Ellenbo. It tells the story of a person who killed one black cat, and later the other black cat revenge in a strange way. The full text is not as good as ghosts and ghosts, but when describing the evil thoughts of people’s inner heart, it is shuddering.

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