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  1. Cat toys, in the case of unclear the preferences of your master, you can prepare two. The first cat -grabbing board (all swords hemp, corrugated paper can be, generally corrugated paper will love more), and there are funny cat sticks (cheap The kind of hairy mouse has almost no cat who doesn’t like it).
    Sipped medicine. Pet small pills are generally prepared for iodine, probiotics, and skin disease spray (for cat moss), and clean the pot canal potion. These are popular medicines and are easy to buy. From the beginning, develop habits not to give pets for people, do not fight in case.
    The special bath liquid, special water absorption towel, do not use people’s bath liquid. Choose the brand itself. If you have the ability, choose naturally as much as possible. If you are worthy of yourself, you must be worthy of your own cats and enjoy life together.
    S comfortable cat’s nest. There are many types of cat nests. Seeing the cats in the cats, choose to keep warm in autumn and winter. Choose the breathability and coolness in spring and summer. Although most of the time, they will sleep on sofas, bed and other places, but they know where they are their own nests. As for sleeping, it depends mainly on the mood.
    Although I do not advocate it in the cage, if there is no one in the family, it can be more secure or other reasons, then choose a large and large cage. If you are at home, don’t close the cat, otherwise you can raise a cat. Just buy an electronic pet. The cage pushed Eli for the first time, safe and non -toxic.

  2. Then let’s take a look at the trend, “When I decided to get a cat into my life, what do I need to prepare?”
    The preparation of cats, we are divided into three parts:
    part 1. Psychological construction:
    Master, the master of the master’s cold butt gives you despair
    When you are asleep, the master of the master sitting, stepping on milk, and breaking the ribs -like resentment ability
    The serving ability when hugs
    This shit, shit, diaper to see health, reasonable and scientific feeding, analysis of hair color analysis, and other eighteen martial arts skills
    This above you think it is not a matter. Then, congratulations, congratulations You, you are almost a qualified shovel officer.
    In the next
    Part 2. Preparation of daily necessities
    cat bowls, it is recommended to eat separation from drinking water
    Cat food, if it is a kittens, prepare the food for the kittens, the formula, the formula, the recipe, It will be different. It is best to prepare pet goat milk powder without 10 weeks of age. In the beginning, prepare a small package as much as possible, because there may be unsuitable situations, it is easy to replace. Wet food and dry food are prepared. Look at the formula to see the needs.
    Cat snacks. There are not many types of cat snacks on the market. According to the age of cats, most cats do not eat biscuits snacks. They do not need to buy them in a hurry. The meat is more practical.
    Cat toilet and cat litter, if it is a cat, open and closed type, if it is 2 , it is still recommended to be closed toilet. Cat sands choose according to ability, but you must have a penny and a penny. Only really durable (durability does not mean that you shovel shit once a few days), not cheap and good.

  3. Anti -external interference ability
    It to ensure that you can’t tolerate a cat (female) friend who can’t love if you don’t have a relationship. You can’t even tolerate your cat, do you still keep him or her? Intersection
    It to ensure that you can’t accept the existence of a cat or family member if you are not pregnant (or you are such a person). Because if you don’t eat cat feces every day, you have a chance of being infected with cat infectious disease than your accident.
    Yes to make sure you do not ban its activities or discard it because of having a child. No children are born to be afraid of animals. Cat’s animal instincts will be very good for your child, including you born because you are all.
    It to ensure scientific feeding, understand your cat’s needs, do not follow the trend blindly, be easily brainwashed, and use your cat to do other people’s experiments. Your cat, you want to give it the best, the warmest, not. There should be no standards.
    It to ensure that you will not make up, think, and listen to any excuses to abandon your cat.

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