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  1. Material
    6 inch Qifeng cake embryo (recipe from 7 diced) 2
    sandwiches noodles whipped cream 550g (55g sugar)
    n The right amount of fruits (organic strawberries, mango, kiwi) appropriate amount
    This, blue pigment, lutein (picking out of the toothpick)
    chocolate coins (album cocoa fat, cocoa fat can be) 20g ( If you can’t use it, you can use it later)
    mading the mouth: Little Star Mouth, Eight -toothed large, round mouth (No. 8, 5) 4
    trumpet transition header 3
    N decoration bags
    I medical rubber white gloves 1 pair of
    gold coin chocolate, ingot chocolate
    8 inch plus high cake box 1
    Two 6 -inch Qifeng embryo, inverted to completely cooling, handed off the mold, the sawtooth cake knife removed the top surface hard shell backup
    cake cooling process, cut water and fruits (consistent size), pass 550g of whipped cream 55g sugar sugar By 8 the refrigerators are refrigerated and spare, the process of wipe the noodles is also sent, so do not hit too hard
    The cakes up and down two cakes are stunned. Choose the right part of scissors to cut out two paws and two ears, remove the cake residue, move the cake to the prepared cake box base (two wipes),
    Two slices (the following is important, the layers of multiple inheritance are good), sandwiched in an appropriate amount of cream and fruit, slightly pressed, the code is good
    Stamed the noodles of the prolactoma, do not worry, wipe it slowly, no, no, no It needs to be too uniform, and decorate the outside; find the position, stick the paws, and the ears one by one. I do n’t use any auxiliary materials to strengthen it. It is a cold season, and the air conditioner must be turned on, provided that I have to have … Hahaha
    The ears and paws also wipe the knife with a small bend. Fortune, the small fish on the belly, the position of the waves, refrigerate the refrigerator
    The details are not shot. For the first time, make a three -dimensional cake. Come out, draw your eyes, write good fortune
    Plip the decorative whipped cream to 6 distribution, 300g 30g of sugar, cream split cream, leave the maximum amount of whipped cream, the remaining divided into three copies, according to 3: 2: 2: 2 : 1 The proportion of 1 is loaded into three bowls, and the red, blue, and yellow pigment are transferred to the red, blue, and yellow. Then go to the beard, mouth, claw print, conversion head small round mouth; send the most large amount of white whitening cream, hard must, full body decoration, leaving small fish, waves, bells, ears heart positions, converting heads, converting heads, conversion heads Little Xingxing mouth; Xingxingzui changes red ears; blue mount waves The shape, eight teeth; then mount fine lines, small round mouths; finally on yellow bells and small fish, small round mouth chocolate dot on small fish eyes
    In the right position, cream, dip the size with size Gold coin, ingot chocolate,
    plug in the birthday account, OK to get
    red stars point red brain door,

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