5 thoughts on “Cats have been vaccinated by cats and accidentally bite by cats”

  1. If it is a pet cat raised in your own family, it is not too much problematic to be bitten by a cat. Moreover, cats have already had vaccines. If you are for insurance, you can also go to the rabies vaccine to the epidemic prevention station.

  2. The cat who was killed by the vaccine was bitten, and whether the injection was needed to see the specific situation. If the 6 -month vaccine is valid, there is no need to get a rabies vaccine. If it exceeds the protection period of the vaccine, it is very rare for cats to carry rabies virus. Cats in the family do not contact the outside cats and dogs, but they do not need to be vaccinated by rabies. If it is a rafting cat, it should be a rabies vaccine. In addition, if the wound is deep, it is easy to form a hypoxic environment. It is necessary to break the wound vaccine to prevent infection and tetanus. If necessary, antibiotics such as penicillin are needed to prevent secondary infections.

  3. There should be no problem with cats and cats, but if there is a wound, you still have to go to some medicine to cure early.

  4. Cats have been vaccinated and were eaten by cats. They accidentally bite. If there is no bleeding, you can use alcohol to disinfect it. If you are injured and bleed, it is recommended to go to the hospital to get a vaccine. future trouble

  5. Regardless of what kind of situation, once the kitten puppy is caught or bitten, the first time is to get a rabies vaccine. Only in this way can people become very safe, let's hurry up to fight rabies to raise seedlings.

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