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  1. As long as the gold coins are enough to go to Diff’s store to buy.
    The cattail is the Tugu, which is a puzzle strategy tower defense game “Plants vs. Zombies 1”, “Plants War Zombie 2” Chinese version, “Plants War Zombies ONLINE” Tencent version, “Plants War Zombies All -Star All -Star Star A plant props in “Plants War Zombies: Heroes”, a generation of Mugu needs to be purchased at the crazy Diff shop.
    This of “Plants War Zombie 2” Mugu needs to collect ten pieces to get the plant advanced. Tugu can attack the zombies on any line and be able to fall off the balloon zombies.
    The introduction of the zombie cattail of Plants
    The cattails in the game are also known as Mugu. The method of obtaining is to buy it at the crazy Diff shop. Cattius can attack the zombies on any line and be able to fall off the balloon zombies, but the cattail must be planted on the water lilies. The characteristics of cattails are to attack the nearest zombies of any line. The purchase requires 225 sunlight. The damage is a spike 20, the attack interval is 0.5, and the defense force is 300.
    The cattails attack two spikes each time (two times can be aimed at different targets), which gives priority to attacking the closest goal to its own, the best priority attacks the balloon zombies, and can attack the zombies behind (such as miner zombies) Essence You can put the cattail pumpkin head. When the cat tail in the pumpkin head is shovel/stolen, it will leave water lilies.
    The cattails in the pumpkin head If you are shovel or stolen by the bungee zombie, you will leave water lilies. The attack of cattails is directional. When the target zombie dies, the corpus has a attack effect like a plant that has a stabbing of other zombies like a pea shooter.

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